NEW ISSUE: Inauthentic activity


i think there is nothing you can do to get rid of that warning message but maybe someone experienced know better how to deal with this… however, be careful and don’t risk your clients accounts because if they get warning multiple times and you ignore it each time they might get accounts suspended and then will blame you…


In June I received this notification for 20 client accounts (for about 250), 8 today. When this notification pops up - I move this specific account from DC to mobile proxy (without reseting device IDs). I didn’t received another notification after this change.


I’ve been dealing with this since April as well. I’m just an influencer account but I boost through Likegram and Free Views apps. I’ve found that they are targeting accounts that excessively follow in my experience. After only liking photos to get coins for boosting the message has stopped appearing. Maybe that can help.


My Experience is: Accounts with cheap proxies have gotten these messages and accounts with same settings but better Proxies, not or not as much.


Better Proxies! On Cheap Proxies, even after changing password - this error cam back - sometimes even 2 or 3 times…


NEW UPDATE: I have had one account blocked, one account currently running, so take of this info as you will. So both account have been around for the last couple of months since February/March, neither are bot accounts, they both like. comment. do everything normal, except the one that got disabled, dms people sometimes. I have never bought followers or automated but I have used an app to gain a little amount of likes just too boost it, (which goes against the artificial liking) the main factor though, is the account that got disabled only has 2k followers, while the account still working has nearly 20k. For some reason that seems like a factor because both accounts have done similar actions, similar amount of posts. While the account with 20k just gets the warning (have gotten it about 4 times, even when not receiving likes) while the account with 2k received no warning and just banned. Wonder if they value accounts over others :upside_down_face:


What are the 4 warnings received? Can you specify?


They are disabling my accounts for days now, are you sending DM to new followers or random people? They are going hard on accounts that are sending DMs. And also I have few accounts with more then 50K that are sending messages and they didn’t delete them, so it’s possible that they are deleting smaller accounts and ignoring bigger accounts


It was just the regular were removing inauthentic likes, the messages became harsher though, the consequences started off with, “your account will be affected” to the most recent one being “your account will be disabled” although the most recent time was just from following people, so maybe they thought it was automation even though it was just me


Umm on the account that was disabled, yes I was sending dms to random people and new followers but it wasn’t an automated messages, it was genuine questions. So maybe that’s what it is, but it wasn’t even a super excessive amount it was maybe 50 dms, but that would explain the disable. although I do feel like they value accounts with more followers even though they mess up my like activity, I was getting to 3k with 300 or 400 comments to like 2k with 100 comments but maybe its just the quality of my posts


That’s a probability, the larger the account the more users and movement it brings to the platform


sending dms to random people, this is the problem 99%, before I was sending messages like crazy to random people, now I am trying to find a way to do this again, they are deleting all my accounts, been trying all kinds of methods using crazy spintax 4g proxies, but nothing helps, they all get deleted for sending messages to the random people, on the last account I was sending only 5-10 messages every second day, and after 5 days accounts also got deleted, also it’s possible that you now need much less reports from other people to get your account banned for sending them messages if you don’t follow them or they don’t follow you, if you find the way to send messages to the random people without getting deleted or blocked send me message and I will do the same :slight_smile:


It wasn’t too bad it was like 20 random people even though I followed the people, And yea lmao I’ll let you know, I’m gonna email them though and see what they say


No forced password change or 7 day all activity block?


Nope, no blocks or anything it just get’s deleted with no warnings lol


I meant to ask whether your larger account received forced password change or 7 day blocks


On big accounts nothing at all, I didn’t push them too hard, but not a single block, really strange, I will try to push one of them to see what limits they have now


I remember IG getting rid of about 1,000 of my followers for a couple days and BAM out of the blue my numbers where back up really strange.


happened 2 times last week for me in my accounts… who the hell know why.


Yeah I think it’s normal tbh but I remember freaking out the first time it happened lol