NEW ISSUE: Inauthentic activity


I thought maybe if I’ll get deleted…change my Instagram name for this messed up account and try to open a new one with the username to save it. Once I’m deleted I won’t be able to use the username again.

With telegram I used boostuplikes that was automated but the likes were from legit accounts.

Maybe I used too much stuff :roll_eyes: I was just getting tips from other followers and I wasn’t really thinking much about it. Hopefully if I don’t go on my account for a few days it will just go back to normal

I’ve officially deactivated everything from the account.


I don’t think receiving automated likes sent to you is considered automation from your account. So you didn’t do any automated follow or like FROM your account prior to the password change notification?


BTW in my humble opinion your followers are worth a lot more than the account name - there’s arguable much brand value to account under six digits.


Ive had likes sent to my account and never noticed a notification, but I always got a notification when I mass liked pictures via and app and when I did a mass following one time. Do you think the like mass followings/likes is what is causing it rather then me receiving the likes ?


Yes I do. When you say mass, could you please quantify how many over how long period of time?


Guys, I’ve never used any automation, tried to grow my account myself, and have been blocked from following anyone for 5 days. This is rediculous! I like and comment, but barely receive any growth from that. This is so defeating!


So defeating I’m worried about losing everything I worked up the past m 7 months


It’s unfair to us newbies! There are so many big accounts that add no value whatsoever, but they were able to grow to what they are now because of various growth strategies that were allowed in the past.
Nowadays no one pays attention to a good account that has less than 10k followers. Well, how are we supposed to get there if we can’t properly market our accounts?!


You always only followed manually on your mobile and received follow block? How many were you following in a day prior to the block? Same question for @Lawyeringgggg.


The way Instagram/Facebook wants you to: Buy purchasing ads.


Maybe 300 day. Some days more, some days less. I was getting a very good follow back response, about 30% followed me back, I could easily get 100 follows/day from that. I’ve had my account for 5 years, but only started actively following/unfollowing about a month ago.


Ads are good for likes but not account growth. But the nonetheless, yes, that’s what FB wants everyone to do.


Arguably they’re good for nothing, but yeah, money is the game and they could care less about anything else, which I guess is fair as they are a business first and a platform second.


That’s a solution for a business, so basically any personal account with good content is irrelevant now. That’s very demotivating.



New notification as of today. The client got blocked from everything , posting, liking, following, commenting, everything


What type of proxy are you using? Mobile/datacenter/residential?
I run my accounts on mobile proxies (180-200 follows and unfollows per day only) and so far I didn’t receive any block notifications.


This account was on my residential IP. It’s the only one so far that received this particular notification but the “inauthentic activity” and “account compromised” notification has appeared on dozens of accounts on DC, Mobile, and Residential proxies. Seems to be no relation to the proxy, settings, age, or anything else. Seems totally random who gets the notifications and who doesn’t


Any idea how to get rid of these account compromised issue?


Change the password and hope it doesn’t come back is what I do.


Some of my clients got this message 4-6 times despite changing their password. Any solution is highly appreciated. Thank you