NEW ISSUE: Inauthentic activity


I’ve scrolled through this topic and read most of it. But I am unclear of how to proceed once a client received this message. The first of my clients received one yesterday. Should I change the IP, wait a few days and then reconnect with the new password and IP and start again slowly? What happens then, any experience if this puts the account at high risk or if only another message appears? Not sure what best to do with the situation in terms of keeping the client and providing the service to them, as well as how the risk evaluation is. Any insights or experiences would be much appreciated. Thanks.


Hi, I advise my clients NOT to change the password, I think if they changed it they would leave a footprints for the Instagram algorithm.

And my clients did not have any problems.


Lucky me: I got the same message from Instagram about how I shared my password with third parties and that Instagram is going to disable my account. I ignored the message for some days and now Instagram logged me out, forcing me to change password. I have been using a growth platform, I have not bought any likes/followers. So this is it…Instagram says is for our good sake and privacy, when in reality all these automated platforms wouldn’t have developed if the Instagram algorithm was fair for us! It’s my choice who I decide to share my password with… And come on, even friends with 100 followers I recommended to growth platforms have been warned by Instagram… So fair, so fair…


I have. Instagram logged me out today, leaving me no choice but to change password…


I believe once someone gets banned for having an authentic/genuine non CPA account then it will be a matter, otherwise these warnings are just warnings


One client got this message over 10 times now. Everytime he changed the password and I logged in again, no block or remove of follower/likes so far…


To clarify, this happened 10 times to the same client and he had to change his password 10 times?


Yes that’s correct


Related to this issue with “inauthentic” activity I have realised that in the last few days none of the “fake” likes and comments are delivered. This means:

  • Pannels like are not working to me. I order X number of likes and none of them stay
  • Engagement groups where you post your link and gets likes and/or comments are not staying either (most of them)
  • Like Exchange, despite appearing delivered, they are not there

I have the feeling that when I attempt to use any of those services I am automatically shadowbanned and the likes and comments are removed afterwards or not even stay. Just as an example, normally I get around 1600 - 3000 likes per post (such a difference comes from the different content posted) since a few days I am barely hitting 600 - 800. Has anyone faced the same?


Do you know that I have also the feeling that some likes are not being delivered properly, and that the are disappering? I dont know for sure that Like exchangers are not working i got there most of my clients and they seems to receive likes, for exceptions of some one that doesnt, but i think that must be a little bug of the system we use… anyone feedback?


If you read Facebook report about their fight to AAS you can explicitly read that they use deferred action removals in order to make it harder for the AAS to debug.

So I wouldn’t call it a “bug” but rather just what they do in order to prevent abuse. You can download the paper here :slight_smile:


I can report that the “Inauthentic Activity” message is real. IG is not blowing smoke.
I was using Jarvee for only the F/UF feature. I’ve had it going since January 2019 and it seemed to be assisting my growth. Then I received the ‘Inauthentic activity’ message about two weeks ago. [The same as posts from above]. I ignored it and it went away after a few hours. And then it returned a week later. I ignored again and it went away. And then I noticed a day later that my engagement had decreased and Jarvee showed that my activity was being blocked. And then when I was using the app I noticed a message popped up every time I clicked a ‘follow’. It stated, “Action Blocked: This action was blocked. please try again later. We restrict certain content and actions to protect our community. Tell us if you think we made a mistake.” And this message has two options to select: “Tell Us” or “OK”.

So I de-activated Jarvee, changed my password, and logged out for a day. I am able to log in but none of my likes, or follows are ‘sticking’. it appears as though I successfully ‘liked’ a photo, but then when I go back to inspect the ‘like’ is gone. Also, when I do select to follow someone and I get the message about Action Blocked, and I select “Tell Us”, which implies that this is an over-ride to the Action Blocked message, the app indicates that my ‘follow’ processed. But when I leave that specific IG page that I just ‘followed’ and return to inspect, my ‘follow’ is cancelled. So it appears I’m being blocked. Also, my follower count is dropping on a daily basis. I was over 9,500 and now I’m at 9,400.

I reported the issue through IG, but I have no expectation that will do anything meaningful. I feel like I’m being shadowbanned and blocked as a ‘punishment’ for using Jarvee. I just hope the block is temporary. I have not re-activated Jarvee and don’t plan to at this point.


I remember reading that paper. However they said that they were removing only follow actions not likes. Am I wrong? Things might have changed obviously.

Just found the paragraph

Delayed Removal of Follows. With the delayed removal countermeasure, follows from accounts used by AASs are initially successful but then are removed by Instagram one day after taking place. The deferred nature of the delayed response helps mask the countermeasure as it is more difficult for AASs to realize their actions are being detected. Note that we only apply this countermeasure to follow actions, as it was not possible to apply a delayed countermeasure on likes.

Still, this doesn’t prove that they are not able to remove likes now.


What I’m wondering, if they delay the removal of those automated actions, what is the effect people see now in apps like Jarvee? With some being able to follow again through such software, it sounds to me like the follow-back rate should hover around 0.


that is the most realistic Outcome of it and the sad reality


Just got this notification and hoping this is not the end of Jarvee…


This seems tied to the other issue of massive blocks? How is it any different?


Yes, I agree with you


Yes this is exactly how a follow block appears these days. Completely normal.


No end of JV just yet. Instagram themselves benefits off the network usage of automating. The parameters in which automation will be held may be tightened up a bit, or change entirely, but where there’s a will there’s a way.