NEW ISSUE: Inauthentic activity


IG’s #1 goal is to drive ad revenue. They can’t do that if their platform is too heavily bottled and spammed. As bots get more advanced, IG gets more advanced. It’s just a continual cat and mouse game. We just have to keep pace with the changes and figure what’s working best after any given update.


Yap, they try to get more money from ad revenue.
So make the timeline and notification normal again with less bot.


They could pretty much put a full stop to botting if they would just make ads worth buying. It’s a service issue. Spending $20.00 on an add is just not worth it when you get maybe 100 likes on the photo and 3 followers from it.


Absolutely! I wouldn’t be against using ads when they wouldn’t have such lower ROI than account management through software.

I mean sources for following and targeting within the ads manager are basically doing the same thing. You’re are reaching your target audience.

But in the end of the day it’s a decision made on expenses and outcome. I think ads will never work that good for organic growth and building the core audience because following, liking, etc. are way more engaging and personal than watching an ad even when it’s a story ad.

In my opinion ads (I never used Instagram ads yet) are just working when you have something valuable to offer. Than it can bring you sales and with that followers. But that’s not the case for every account or not even for every client.


I’ve ran a few ads on IG just to test the water and you are more or less paying for likes. Which I find ironic…


Literally this. I ran $20 ad campaign on a account of mine and got 0 followers from it. They know this.


Just tell them, thats just Instagram test out the water.
Everybody in this world get this message too.
I think they will understand.
Nothing you should worry about this.


It is very possible to get followers from advertising but even with a really good ad campaign you would pay around 40 cent per follower.


A good campaign, content and targeting. :grinning::+1:


I work with a personal account. I only do F/UF and the account is blocked for few days now. The account is the only one on the IP, phone verified, etc. It’s a legit personal account. This is :poop:.

Every Follow action doesn’t “stick”: it comes back to Follow


With 20$ you get a ton of likes. What you won’t get are followers and that’s the main reason why right now Ads are useless.


I have a concern about my followers getting removed. I used to periodically notice batches of my followers (20-35) disappear all at once. I notice that about once a week a few months back. Now I seem to see it happening every day. I remember reading some white paper where FB claimed they delay the action of removing inauthentic activities but this is still very random to me. How do they define inauthentic activities? Most people who follow me are real people who decide to follow after checking out my content - how can FB define ‘inauthentic followers’ and not mess with real followers who actually want to follow - not that many of them will notice the some follows have fallen out of their list either… but still. Does anyone experience the same?


I’ve noticed this on a few of my profiles. This could be because of the follow block. You may have a small percentage of bot followers who are mostly doing unfollow actions right now because they can’t perform follow actions.


I just lost more than 50 followers at once just now. Can it really be bot account doing it all at once? I doubt it.


Have you noticed any patterns in the followers you are losing? Are they followers that you’ve gained recently? Are they followers that you’ve been interacting with?

If they aren’t recent followers it’s unlikely to be due to Instagram retroactively removing your actions.


Check back in a few hours as insights some times is drunk and wrong


No I don’t know who the followers are as the tool I use for tracking unfollow is extremely unreliable.


This morning around the same time (around 9:30am PST) I lost another 30ish followers at once. I start to think that IG is running some cleaning at the same hour - maybe removing fake accounts? As it’s happening on a daily basis I can’t convince myself it is some random coincidence.


This morning same time (9:25am PST to be exact), lost another 20. Maybe it has always been round number too. If that’s the case, it’s even more likely it’s a system behavior. I’ll keep observing and report.


Have you bought these followers or they were gained organically?