New Message: "Thank for providing your info"

Hi folks.

I just saw this new message after i have phone verified a scraper of mine.

It says “Thanks for providing your info” “We’ll review your info and if we can confirm it, you’ll be able to access your account within approximately 24 hours”

If i push “done” it asks if i want to log out or not.
Anyone got the same?



there is a thread on this . topic already

would u mind to link it to me? i’ve searched without any results

it has a different subject, that’s why i didn’t find it! thx anyway

There’s no access to this topic?

after 24h your scraper account will probably get disabled, so you need to fill that form to get it back.


Unfortunately it does get disabled yes. I wonder if anybody has got that on an account that is not been on an automation software or third party app, and after waiting 24 hours, the account to get disabled?! Because, I had one account that got this and got disabled after 24 hours, but it was automated… The strange part is that the account was not active for maybe a year, and I just wanted to clear out the account by unfollowing people. It makes me wonder if this is like an algorithm that is like a final warning by Instagram saying “you’ve crossed the line” type of thing.

Recently a few people facing this. Down worry should be fine soon if you really own your account And didn’t do anything against the guidelines

hey did you end up getting your account back?

i havent gotten my account back yet and its been like a day

cant find it? can u pls help!

@Elvis_beatz try loging back in after 24h, if it says it’s disabled, follow the steps on the screen there and submit a recovery request. After filling that form, go to your email and you should have an email from facebok in which they ask for you to send them a photo with a code. Send them a selfie photo with the code as requested in the email. it takes 4-5 days for them to review yourvl account again and give it back to you or not. Most of the times they do. Did you do too much of Follow-Unfollow actions on the account? Do tell more…

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Do exactly like this, I had some problems with the catche + phone number = wait for 24h for review thing. Some of my accounts got activated just after 10mins after I sent in the picture with code, full name and username, others took 3-4 days. But on some of my accounts I did not receive the mail from insta/face at all…

How many follows/unfollows are safe to do in a day to avoid getting action blocks?

@Candydandy your answer is in a pinned thread.
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it depends on allot of factors. One of them is account age (if older than 3 months, blocks are more rare) we believe all put together gives you a score and acording to that score insta is more or less permissive with you actiions. Once the account is properly warmed up you can reach 150+ Follows a day. But even so, doing it 7 days a week will probably result in a block so you will most probably want to rest it for a day. It’s all about randomizing things up, making the account as random as a person ca be, today you follow, tomorrow you like, the other day you unfollow… things like these tell the insta algo that you’re not a bot running the account.

Check here what others are saying/doing:

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it can take months to years

Hi, I just went through the same thing.
Except: in my case, I had just created an account from a verified email, and after creating the account, I was asked for a phone verification, I went ahead and did that as well. But right after my phone was verified, I received this dialogue. I created a Twitter from the same email, a Reddit and a Cloud account and there wasn’t any problem.
But right after I created an Instagram, this happened and after that when I created a Facebook, they did the same thing.

I was using a VPN throughout the whole session (although I wasn’t browsing thru Tor)
Does anybody know if I’ll be okay?

I don’t care about the account, of course, it is hardly 4 hours old; only the username is important and I’m pretty sure that if the account gets “disabled”, I’ll lose the username. Is that it? I only have 20 hours to go but God, that username is very important.

Literally the same thing happened to me (I made a new account, using a VPN) and I’m still waiting after 6 days…

Any leads on this?