[NEW STRATEGY ADDED] How I Got 100-300+ Followers A Day With Facebook Ads With $10/day

Good luck! PM me your results, I can help you with optimization. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you!

As for selecting worldwide, well, I don’t know why you’ve seen a place in the Netherlands… because you select worldwide by typing it:
Perhaps it’s a bug? I’m not sure.

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If someone at least run once IG ads with Business manager then knows how things works and what results bring.

But nice tutorial for newbies. Don’t wear off pink glasses.

Kind of struggling to understand what you mean, but nevertheless, thank you for the kind words :slightly_smiling_face:

Gain Instagram followers with can be side strategy/ effect if you run ads for ecommerce for example.

High targeted followers through ads can be costly.

All the best.

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Yes, I definitely agree.
In this tutorial I’ve shown how to gain cheap Instagram followers on the side, however, if you want hyper-targeted followers from tier 1 countries, you’re going to have a much higher CPC. Perhaps I’ll create another tutorial on how to gain hyper-targeted followers if there’s a demand for it, however that’d be a bit more advanced.



Thanks mate! Showed up the second time I typed it as “region” Now lets see what happens :slight_smile:

Would be interesting to hear - our pitch right now is based on the fact that we have better data sources than Instagram’s “cold” Paid Ads.

We are looking to compare Instagram Ads vs our Mother/Child strategy … so far M/C is winning by far lol

Well, with FB ads it all depends on your strategy. M/S can be very good, but in my opinion with an M/S budget you can achieve way more with Facebook ads, you just need to have the right strategy and preferably custom audiences.

And one more thing - as long as you have 1k followers on your IG account you can create a lookalike audience and advertise to them. From my experience this data source is way more valuable than any data source an agency can offer.


If i have 32.3k
You think that audience size 1% is the best choice?

Hi there, I recommend sticking to the strategy I presented in the guide which is 3-6%. I also prefer method 2, that one is supposed to be better.

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Great guide

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I tried your first method (story, worldwide and only narrowed it down by a very wide interest (bnw photography and bnw photo+streetphoto in an A/B test) as I have just 4K followers. But it does not really work that well as I was hoping. I was waiting for some days, so the algo can adjust but it did not really get better. I gained like 20 Followers per day. I used 10Euro per day with a story ad. Here is my data from ad manager. Maybe you can give me a hint what i could change…

Well, your CPC is very high. I can’t really help you without taking a look at your campaign & page. Things you need to consider:

  • Your story ad is bad
  • Your page is unoptimized
  • Your targeting is a problem

Also, for niche pages I much more recommend the second strategy instead of the first one. If you still have money left for testing, my recommendation is to try the second strategy instead.

Good luck!

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Hi Vince,

thanks for your fast answer. Must be the story or the target? If the click so expensive…
I think story is great and even got some feedback from followers that they like the story I made a lot so I will try adjusting the target and try your second strategy as well…

The second strategy has a much higher success rate than the first one, so I recommend trying that instead. It can also be your page (bio, profile picture, content etc). I can’t really know what’s the problem in your campaign without seeing all of the factors (your targeting, your ad, and your page), so I can’t really answer your question.

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Thanks for sharing. Great guide!

Best tips for promoting personal account where you post random stuff?

This is the target I had choosen

Here is the story I had created:

and you can find my page name at the end of the story :wink:

Would be more than happy if you could tell me what I should change

Btw. I added the sentence “follow for more” in my bio just today but it doesnt look good too me and nobody does it in my niche but maybe it works better… but still the cpc is so high…