[NEW STRATEGY ADDED] How I Got 100-300+ Followers A Day With Facebook Ads With $10/day

Hi everyone!

Many of you who are running an agency or are looking for an alternative way to grow your IG might find this interesting. Today I’ll be showing you the exact strategy I’m using to get 100-300+ followers a day to my Instagram pages for just $10/day with Facebook ads. This worked flawlessly for me, however results may differ, so please take this as a consideration. I’m not a FB ads guru, simply a guy who found a nice strategy that worked for me every time. Feel free to tweak this strategy as much as you want.

Also, if you have any questions or if you’re planning to run this kind of campaign - leave your questions down below! I’ll be happy to help.

How this can benefit you:

  • Use this as an upsell/seperate service for your agency
  • Use this as an alternative method of growth
  • Use this “on the side” to get extra growth & engagement

Let’s get started!
Things you need:

  • A Facebook business manager account
  • An ad account
  • An IG page
  • A credit card/PayPal account that is ready to spend money

How to create a Facebook business manager account: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1iZl0bCyDPQ

The ad
First off, you need a a good story ad! We will be using IG stories as the only placement because I’ve found that this was the most effective placement for followers where people can make decisions quickly.
I can’t really help you with how to create a story ad because it depends a lot on your niche. However, you can find really good examples here: https://youtu.be/GppLeHmZo9c?t=58
A video or an image with a clear call to action should do the job!

The strategy
First, create a new campaign and choose “Traffic” as your objective:

A lot of people think that the “engagement” objective is the optimal one, however, it makes the clicks more expensive for no reason. From my testing I’ve found that the traffic campaign was the cheapest way to get a lot of followers.

I always set my daily budget to $10 and schedule the campaign for 12am the next day. Why? Because if you campaign starts at the middle of the day, Facebook will try to spend all of your money as soon as possible. This is not what we want to happen.

Now for the audience.
If your page has 5-10k followers already - use a lookalike audience.
If your page has less than that - use broad interests or don’t do paid ads yet.

If you have more than 5-10k followers a lookalike audience is your best choice. What it means is that you tell Facebook to find people that are similar to the people who already engage with your Instagram profile. Lookalike audiences always give Facebook the purest data to work with unlike interests.

To create a lookalike audience, click on “create new” and then on “Lookalike audience”:

The on “Create a new source” and “Custom audience”:

And then choose “Instagram account”:

For the audience size, I always choose 3-6%. You want a broad audience with a few millions in reach.
As for locations, I found that targeting worldwide would be the cheapest. You can exclude some specific countries if you want to but from my testing it didn’t work.

One more thing - always turn off the “detailed targeting expansion” feature. It’ll make your ads way more expensive for no reason.

As for placements, since you’re using a story ad, choose “Manual placements” and choose Instagram story only.


  1. Split test.
    Create a couple of story ads and split test between them. The one who has the cheapest CPC (cost per click) is your winner. If you have a couple of ads with low CPCs, you can leave both of them on. You split test by creating multiple ads inside the adset.

  2. Give Facebook time to optimize.
    Facebook might not perform extraordinary in the first day. Give Facebook at least 4-7 days to optimize and find the right people that should follow your page. The Facebook algorithm is very smart, and if you give it time and room to optimize it should do its job.

  3. Track your ads.
    This might go without saying but you should at least once a day check up on your ads. Make optimizations accordingly and test new story ads to see if they perform better.

  4. Give this strategy a chance.
    If you gave Facebook the time to optimize and you’re still not seeing good CPCs, you may want to:

  • Check your story ads and create new ones
  • Check if your bio & profile picture are esthetic
  • Check your content

Another small disclaimer: I’m simply presenting what worked for me. In no way, shape, or form I’m a Facebook Ads guru. Please use this strategy responsibly and don’t blame me if things don’t work for you - it can happen because of a lot of things.

EDIT: Strategy #2 for running ads
I’ve been talking with one of my friends who was very impressed with the guide and showed me yet another strategy which I personally think that is way more better. Here it is!

For your ad itself, you want to choose your most relatable & best performing post of all time. In short - not only the post that performed the best, but also the post that will make people follow you if they see it in the explore page. This is a very important, because choosing the right post can definitely impact the campaign’s performance.

You also want the first line of the caption to be somethin like “Follow @myaccount for more content like this!”. Obviously don’t copy this word for word, but instead, tweak this a little bit according to your niche.

Your objective for this campaign is still “Traffic” but as for your placements, use “Instagram Feed” and “Instagram Explore” only.

As for targeting, use very broad interests according to your niche. By broad I mean 10m+ in reach, you can find the reach in this area of the page:
“Interests”, like the name suggests, are things that the algorithm knows a person likes. If my page is related to the food niche, I’d choose interests like “Kitchenware” or “KitchenAid” (a brand).

In the ad level itself, use the post you chose by connecting your account and clicking on “Use existing post”.

Set your website URL as your own profile and the CTA button as either “Watch More”, “Learn More”, or “Subscribe”.

You can start with a $10/day budget, however with this strategy you can scale to the moon! You can also split test between multiple posts and see which ones bring you lower CPCs. You can run multiple campaigns each with one post as well.

P.S. I’ve spent a lot of time on writing this post, if you liked it - I’d appreciate it if you clicked on the like button, it gives me motivation to see that the community enjoys my content. :heart:
Good luck!


Bookmarked, I’m glad you decided to share and enter the giveaway!
I’ll read it tonight and check this out.

Good luck with the contest!


Good information.
In the US, Facebook requires a URL link when you select “Traffic.”
I assume you send them to your Instagram account URL.

And in your tests, do you optimize for Ad Delivery to “Landing Page Views”, “Link Clicks”, “Impressions”, or “Daily Unique Reach”???

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Bookmarked before I even read the whole thing! Nice guide!

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Yes, you’d choose your Instagram account’s URL.

And I chose “Link Clicks”, although you can test others if you wish.


Thanks a lot! Let me know if you have any questions :slightly_smiling_face:

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thank you Winds :pray:t2: :pray:t2: very good share


Really nice tutorial, I’ll test this out, thanks for sharing!

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Really nice guide, I bookmarked too and hope to try it soon. Did you experiment to target audience from western countries US/CA is it much higher price then and smaller results?

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Targeting WW would be much cheaper but naturally you’ll get some followers from T3 countries. If you wish to target only tier 1 countries, be prepared for higher CPCs. :slightly_smiling_face:


Yea thats true but t1 countries is what most people look to target need to test and see. Please tell me how can we do this for client accounts that we don’t own, do they need to create facebook fan page or have business Instagram account in order to promote it?

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To do this with you own clients you need to connect the Instagram account to your business manager, here’s a good tutorial that shows how: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EwjSO1cXiSo

@Artie @Luca @Matta28 @Colorme @Adnan just letting you guys know that I’ve added a NEW strategy that is even better than the last one (at least in my opinion). If you guys are interested make sure to take a look. :wink:


Great post man! Thanks for sharing it
I’m going to test it. Currently thinking of an idea for a story ad

I’m running a social media agency in Denmark. And one of my services is Instagram growth. So on my IG page, I share a lot of free tips and guides on how to grow an IG page.

I was thinking of creating a catchy story video, that highlight some of my best carousel posts, then also add in some results of people who followed our tips, and then also some comments from people where they write how much my tips and guides helped them, all mixed in with some music.

What do you think? Do you maybe have any ideas you can share?
Really appreciate it. Thank :slight_smile:

Nice guide, thanks for the share!

Do you add any CTA in the story? If yes which kind of CTA ? Somethingl like “Swipe for more” / “Follow me fore more” , etc?

Quite impressive to get 100-300 followers for 10$ !!


The video ad idea sounds good for me, if you got the funds you should give it a try in my opinion. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi there!
In the Facebook ad level settings there are a couple of CTAs to choose from (you’ll have to choose one, you can’t write one by yourself). I usually choose something like “Learn more” :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing this strategy @Winds :pray:t2: It surely looks extremely advanced and I will make sure to look into it :slight_smile:

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Did anyone tried this and have a feedback to give? Any recommendation?

Will give a shot in the next days and see how it goes!

Beautiful guide Vince! Thanks so much for taking your time to write it down and illustrate it.

I just wanted to try it but how do I select worldwide? If I search for a place named worldwide a place in the Netherlands appears…