New 'use only embedded browser option' and sources issues

Hi I see this new option but when checked no sources can be found. Does anyone know a solution to this?

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As @Race44 has mention


What is a scraper account?

Use new account…anything old or new both works…that account main purpose is scrapping users. To do that follow below steps.

  1. In follow module(setting menu) tick send to extracted users.

  2. Then in extracted menu tick automatically send scraped results to other account.…

  3. After tick you will see option to add your accounts. Add those accounts from which you’ll do EB action.

Now all the scrapped users will goes to follow specific users option from follow source menu automatically.


Can I scrape without turning on the Follow tool?

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If you just want to scrape someone followers/following then there is already scrape tools menu under any profile. Otherwise wait for update as someone said here…But I think jarvee already scrap users based on your any setting if it is active account…though I’m not sure.


You are posting on lvl1!

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Scraping would make your life easier i guess idd ^^

So I am trying to use embedded only new feature on commenting. I tried to use the scrapper account to “Send to comment Sources” but it still is not working. I entered the hashtags there then sent to the account. What am i doing wrong here?

He was refering to you mentioning the name of something that doesn’t exist and never has.

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