New Verification? In app only

I got this new verification today on my aged scraper. I use this account to download photos off IG through a chrome browser. Not on Jarvee. Usually, I get a PV when I download too many images and it passes fine. First time I have seen this. Would make it harder to verify if it was for a main/ slave on jarvee.

This is not new. This is the “Face verification”. Try logging it on the app and you can check.


Yea that is the face verification pop-up on browser indeed.

New for New Zealand. Ive never heard of it happening here. only in Europe

To be honest this is my favorite verification during my 4 years working with insagram, it takes like 1 min or les, your account will be back guaranteed after your stretch your neck a little left and right up and down depends on what they ask you to do :rofl: and cost me nothing, i’ll choose this any day than doing pv ev or password change or that 24h stuff.

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How many times can you do it on yourself though? When you have hundreds of accounts I feel they will figure it out at some point.

every account get this like once every 30 days, and later back to the usual pv ev changing password, i never got this so far 2 times on the same account during a month.

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Oh true. This is the first ive ever got

Not just that, when you keep using the same mobile to do this kind of verification, soon you won’t be able to log into that account to do the same verification which I’m encountering now… you need another mobile device to do face verification….

So theres no way to avoid it? What if someone have 1k accs? :open_mouth:

How many images are you downloading is considered too many. So we can have an idea of their limits.

Your will need a VA then if 1k accounts get that all in the same time.

I’ve never seen something like this. Maybe it’s only in your region.

I thought so too till now. Never heard of it being in new Zealand

Was about 80 images. Its been PV at least 5x for downloading photos. Usually can do 120

What actions were you doing, and where?

I wonder if people who operate only on the mobile app also get this. I think it has more to do with the web app.

Scraping data from Instagram, proxy Located in eastern europe.

Weird thing is my account went back to normal without me having to verify. I just left it a few days.

same here, I was completely blown away i left an account for more than 10 days witout verification now it’s valid on it’s own.

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