New Verification Screen Using Selfie Video - Facial recognition like in an airport

funny when people say “I don’t think they can do this!” or “makes no sense, I don’t think this will stay like that” or in this case “I don’t hink its going to becomea routine practiche” lol THATS INSTAGRAM.
Do you think they put out things without thinking if it is practical or not? lmao They have people for that shit. Do you really think they didn’t realize that a lot of legit accoutns don’t have their face uploaded? :smiley:
Just like @dimitri says, its more about having your face and device in their database and linked together.

Thanks for updating, That was quite fast. If this kind of verification update is rolled out to all accounts, they will most likely take much longer time to respond. :pensive:

This doesn’t make it impossible ; as usual, IG marketing will require nothing more than creativity.

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I never said it does make it impossible.

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Cool feature thanks for sharing. First time seeing this.
Nice and easy way for IG to fight all spam accounts.
Face recognision. It’s not you, account lost.

Ohh no, how we can handle this verification type with many scraper accounts?

I cant tell the customer all time to make this verification with there phone.

I think there are some ways how we can handle this.

1.) we have to find out how many API Calls can make one new scraper per hour and day.
2.) maybe we need more scraper accounts to make less API calls and dont get verifications.
3.) to build a pool of verifications videos and find a way how we can make this verification via JV or MP

Hope we find a solution or the automatisation world for instagram is over? oO

Ima try to upload the selfie video but is alway say error did that happend to you?

Yes happened to me too! But after an uninstall/reinstall of the app it worked fine!

Having the same issue. I’ve tried it all, deleting and reinstalling the app, rebooting my phone. Have sent so so many reports to Instagram and still nothing. Been stuck like this for over 24 hours. So upsetting to have gotten no assistance with this from the Instagram team. Hope they fix it soon

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Can you try changing the device? iPhone Vs Samsung?

Tried using a different iPhone, no difference, tried a friends android, no difference either. I’m going to sound so dramatic but this is heartbreaking, I was in the middle of growing so posting something everyday and engaging with followers was key. Ugh :weary:

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What app is that…? How its called?

Hey :wave:t4: I’m having the same issue! Everytime I try to upload my selfie video it gives me an error message and says please try again later, how long did it take you to be able to successfully submit the selfie video?

It’s been happening to me too and it won’t allow me to submit the selfie video. Doesn’t matter if I reinstall the app or not. Nothing works.

I am having trouble with this problem
please how to fix it
I need my instagram account back

How long did it take you to be able to submit the selfie video! Mine still says error try again later !

Same problem here. I tried everything for 2 days but still no results.
Different connections, different mobiles, reinstall app, vpn connection etc… None of them worked…
Anyone can help? Pleaaase :((((

It’s to early to see if this will work. Nobody challenged it legally yet. Give it some time


could you solve your problem? i’m still trying but nothing :((((

Still having the same problem