New Verification Screen Using Selfie Video - Facial recognition like in an airport


Have you ever seen this screen before? IG requires to confirm the identity on an IG APP now


When I connect to the app. They ask me to turn the camera ON and take a video of my face once to the right and once to the left:

And then send the “selfie” video to them:


No, I have never seen it. they’re getting crazier… :grinning: how do they want you to confirm your info? just verification code from either email/phone number like Temporary locked message? or is there a captcha as well?


No code, they ask for a selfie Video!

omg, it’s getting worse… :pensive: hope you can update us here once you get a reply from IG. I wonder how long they will take to respond and allow you to access your account again.


Sure I will update! Video sent let us see how much it will take :wink:

Are you located in Europe? I thought it’s forbidden to collect biometric data in EU.


Yes located in EU (France). It is not forbidden for IG apprently :wink:
Some companies are more powerful than states!

What to say ?
It can appear when you try to log in from different device + proxy.

wow just wow, 6 months away from IG automation and now they do this ?

And if a person has never posted their face pictures?.. Also, in order to confirm the authenticity the profile should ALREADY have a photo that proves identity. Otherwise what are they going to compare that selfie video with?

Don’t think it’s going to become a routine practice though.

Next time someone has it, we should try using and see what happens :wink:

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They asked for a video and not a photo:)


This is so sketchy WOW.

You need a video selfie to access your photo sharing APP? What are they doing with this data?

I don’t even need a video selfie to access my credit cards/bank accounts or government tax accounts that hold my very personal data.

Just WOW

Just got the account back after 12h of submiting the video! Hopefully this was just a test :roll_eyes:


Thanks for the heads-up and for update!

Guess Zuck wants to be invited for another Congress hearing…

Apparently FB has been doing this since March.

Does anyone actually trust this company that they will delete that data after Cambridge?

RIP scrapers.

so any face video would work? doesn’t need to be anyone’s face specifically?

I don’t think so, they ask for specific face orientation :

Wow. That’s crazy.