New Verification Screen Using Selfie Video - Facial recognition like in an airport

We need to think of ways to grow that don’t trigger captcha. Unless they enforce it on everyone at the start to get photo ID… Then IG growth is doomed

What ways?

I think you can still make fake accounts on Facebook without any problem even after you have photo verification there.

But this is ridiculous lol,Never thought that this will be implemented on Instagram too.

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as in warming up very slowly, not excessive api calls etc.
Basically use scrapers to die and grow slower, so a lot more child accounts per mother.

Hopefully this is just a test and won’t happen everywhere. Otherwise this will be the death of IG automation.

Do you know if they use video on fb? and also can you use the same face pic often?

I don’t think they really care about your identity. But you have to use the app and after doing this verification 1 time they also have a face. Both the phone and face are 2 unique things.

You will not be able to verify hundreds of accounts with 1 phone and 1 face. You will connect all accounts with each other.


Looks like we have to use family members and friends to help our operation then. Could use app cloner to change the device id etc. Then use a friend that doesn’t have 5 accounts to do the video

Will be impossible with thousands of accounts or scrapers though

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Automation will end this way,In my opinion You will still be able to make fake accounts but you will have to do it on a real mobile phone with SIM cards because they only give verifications if their spam filter is triggered.

It won’t be compulsory on Instagram or else people with theme pages will have no option because not all profiles are personal there,And why will people verify their ID for their theme pages or anything which is not their personal account.


Hopefully jarvee or someone else can come up with a solution, otherwise I better increase my code learning skills


You cannot beat their team of highly skilled devs,Just give them what they want and you will be safe.

I don’t think Automation will be possible if this is the case ahead but staying in the rules will be a long term solution for all of us.

We are getiing Face Verification as well:

Is this happening to scrapers or mother accounts?
If scrapers, just get a new one … If mother or main accounts … Oh gosh… This really hurts a lot!

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In my case it happened to a slave account!

funny when people say “I don’t think they can do this!” or “makes no sense, I don’t think this will stay like that” or in this case “I don’t hink its going to becomea routine practiche” lol THATS INSTAGRAM.
Do you think they put out things without thinking if it is practical or not? lmao They have people for that shit. Do you really think they didn’t realize that a lot of legit accoutns don’t have their face uploaded? :smiley:
Just like @dimitri says, its more about having your face and device in their database and linked together.

Thanks for updating, That was quite fast. If this kind of verification update is rolled out to all accounts, they will most likely take much longer time to respond. :pensive:

This doesn’t make it impossible ; as usual, IG marketing will require nothing more than creativity.

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I never said it does make it impossible.

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Cool feature thanks for sharing. First time seeing this.
Nice and easy way for IG to fight all spam accounts.
Face recognision. It’s not you, account lost.

Ohh no, how we can handle this verification type with many scraper accounts?

I cant tell the customer all time to make this verification with there phone.

I think there are some ways how we can handle this.

1.) we have to find out how many API Calls can make one new scraper per hour and day.
2.) maybe we need more scraper accounts to make less API calls and dont get verifications.
3.) to build a pool of verifications videos and find a way how we can make this verification via JV or MP

Hope we find a solution or the automatisation world for instagram is over? oO

Ima try to upload the selfie video but is alway say error did that happend to you?

Yes happened to me too! But after an uninstall/reinstall of the app it worked fine!