New "Your Account Has Been Temporarily Locked" Problem

I’ve gotten that the last 2-3 days, I’ve even turned all actions off on some accounts to see if it will come back, and it did.

It’s very easy to recover tho, you get the 6 digit code on your email/phone, and then you can make a new password and your back in business (until you get hit again)


I know some others that have gotten this as well, but do someone knows why this is happening? I’ve just been using Jarvee with these accounts, and as mentioned, this also happens when all actions turned off.

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I am getting this too! What type of proxy are you using ?

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Thanks for making this a new thread.

Still haven’t run into it, but I imagine it’s IG/Facebook still being funky.

There’s a lot of bugs that picked up in intensity once the release of reels came around.

Although, if we are to take that notification seriously, someone ( maybe within IG) is doing something to trigger that action by their AI, probably for testing purposes.

That or they made their Ai spam/fraud system more sensitive on a rolling basis like the June update last year.

I’m not the best at proxies, but I use a few rotating mobile 4g proxies.

This is so strange, going to recover a few accounts later today and turn off the actions when I’m on “Social Profiles” and see if I’m still getting it. Atm my just turned everything off on “tools”

Hi, same happen to me but my problem is the e-mail adress that they suppose to send the code is NOT in use anymore.
I verified myself and changed my password after this lock but again at my any attemp to log in in says “temporaily locked” and tries to verify me by sending Code to e-mail account which is NOT active any more.
Any idea if this “temporary” lock will end days later and i will able to log in?
Or any other suggestion that without an access to my mail account now how can I report to Instagram that this e-mail is NOT in use anymore…
Thank you in advance,

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I have the same problem did your account unlock?

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Nope, not yet, it’s one and ahalf day since locked. What about yours? Do you know if it turns back to normal in time or not

Myn has bin the same amount of time apparently it last for 48 hours update me if anything changes

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sure, you too please… thnx

My account has now been locked like this for 2 weeks has anyone found a solution ?

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Hello, I have a question. If I caught the 3 day wait is normally not including the account?
Or do I need to change my device and IP?

Whoever got this,you should probably move on to a new account.There are very sleek chances that you will get your accounts back!

Changing IP and device won’t help in this case. You need to wait 3 days, then see if your account is disabled or not. If it’s disabled the only way to recover the account is by submitting the appeal form.

Hi please someone help I have the temporary lock on my account and I don’t have access to the old email address it keeps sending the verification code to it’s no longer accessible because I hadn’t been on it in over 12 months. Please someone tell me how I can contact Instagram without being logged into the account. Is there an email address they have??


If you don’t have a phone number linked (or had one linked at some time) that you have access to: Tough luck, better move on.

Exact same thing I don’t have access to the email they’re trying to send it to. Have you regained access yet?

My Facebook is connected and I believe my phone number too. Does anyone know a way to verify through one of these options? I don’t understand why they only give FB as an option

Update ?? :pensive::pensive::pensive::pensive::pensive::pensive::pensive::pensive::pensive::pensive::pensive::pensive::pensive:

A bunch of my scraper accounts, are now getting this and the only option is to confirm them by phone number, witch is removed. All this account have a valid email.
Anyone facing the same situation?

Hi there. This temporary lock happened to me on Saturday (2 days ago). I have no access to both email and phone listed. Since then, I have not given up hope and have found threads explaining why you shouldn’t either (its our fault that we never updated the recvery contacts, but instagrams fault that they put us in this situation in the first place).
I basically followed the in-app steps whereby you click ‘need more help’, then fill out a request form to a contact email. I then received an email from them 3 hours ago requesting a photo upload with a hand written note of my username and the code they sent. Sent it 2 hours ago and praying this nightmare comes to an end. I will continue to spam them with message requests until my account is unlocked, as the way I see it, this is on them, not on me.
Will update on this as I go along. I most certainly don’t want to start a new account as I’ve had it since 2013


If I understand they sent you a code at some other email, not the email your account is associated with?

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