Nike's Marketing Strategies that we can learn from?

Hey people!
ATM I’m writing an assignment about Nike’s Marketing Strategies, focusing on Online Marketing.

Something that im genuinely interested in, is if you guys were able to learn something from the company?

Maybe even something that you guys learned & adapted into your own Marketing strategy.


Anything in particular that sparked your interest that you can share to start the discussion?

Would help get the ball rolling

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I’ve stumble upon this article a week ago… it’s only based on FB Ads. Their message is simple and clear. Simple is often best (according to Think with Google). The thing for me is that they are big enough that they can focus only on brand awareness and leave the sale for later steps… it’s a huge company.

If someone likes to read, the Memoirs from the book of his founder Phil Knight “Shoe Dog” are amazing… and you can easily enjoy this podcast telling the history of “Nike vs Adidas” --> “Business Wars - Sneakerheads


I guess you can safely say, they are in it for the long-game, and not the immediate sale. So they can out-pay the ads and retargeting more than most other brands.

Btw, great reminder for Shoe Dog @Fili ! I received it not too long ago. Can’t wait to read it.


I really loved the book @tripleyourtribe ! Hope you enjoy reading it, i know you will… and the podcast is a really good complement :wink:


Pfff, I’ve just realized that i included all the links expect the one that I was taking about Nike’s FB strategy

My bad!


Thank you guys for taking part in this discussion! Wasn’t online yesterday. Nike definitely knows how to use emotional branding especially within their ads. This will be something that I will adapt to when it comes to growing my Instagram account. I have never tried it and I am also not sure how it will be done with instagram growth, but i will brainstorm some ideas and come back here!

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Cool @MaximilianP, let us know how everything ends up! Good luck!

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The best for online marketing is to increase interaction with your potential customers and understand their behavior.

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Prepare to read a lot about problems with Japanese businesses and cultural differences. Still it’s a great book! You learn a lot from it.

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