No access to phone number - verification

I have unlocked my account orita.0000, but it is asking me for

phone number sms. I do not have access to that phone anymore. How can I get access to my account. Pls recommend. Thanks

I think its GG with that account

if that account is related to an FB account try to add an email to your FB account then re-verify the IG one and see if they will put an option there to verify via email as well.

You can try to report the account as hacked by submitting a support request form or simply just explain to them that you don’t have access to that number anymore. Ask IG for verification using the phone number/email attached to the account.

Try what Ossi suggested, but for the future, always make sure that you’ve got access to the phone number that you are using because there is a good chance that you’ll need to verify it sooner or later.

try to report to IG.
But i think 99.9999999999999999%gone.
create the new one LOL

Yeah, having access to the phone number added to the account’s settings is always essential.