No growth in almost all Pinterest accounts

I wonder if anyone else is experiencing something similar…

A few months ago when I started my MP venture, I used to have a low but solid growth of 20-50 followers a day on all Pinterest accounts. Leading to 600-1000 followers a month.

Last month or so, I experienced big growth in my IG accounts, so I cared less about Pinterest. I sensed something was wrong though as I gained little to no new followers (and often I got negative numbers). As a result, I decided to check the statistics and I see that growth on most accounts has stopped even though I follow about 200-500 a day.

I created two new Pinterest accounts last week, and my follow-back ratio is horrible (like 1:100).

I follow highly targeted followers of accounts and boards, and I just don’t understand what went wrong… Maybe someone here has a shred of clue? :slight_smile:


Check your Follow tool. Go to Follow results and click on Browse embedded next to 10-20 users on the list, see are you really following them. There were couple of changes made by Pinterest, maybe the Follow tool was affected during some period.

Ah, I see something very strange now…

In the statistics, I see that yesterday for some account it was following 182 people, but in the following results tab I see that it only followed 6 people yesterday… It explains the no growth mode I’m experiencing.

I did notice there was a big change, was there a discussion on it on the forums? I wonder how should we adapt to these changes… :slight_smile:

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