Now hidden comments on IG

Hi guys.

Am I the only one realising that comments are being hidden on IG too now?

Please look at attached pictures. I tried searching on this forum to see if anyone else had mentioned this, but I couldn’t find any posts reagarding comments being hidden now. Normally when looking at a picture it has always been visible to me, how many comments that specific picture has. Now the count of comments are all hidden and you have to actually manually press the comment feature to see if any comments are made!

No you’re not the only one this feature has been available for a while now and instagram intentions to use that globally in the next few months.


I guess it has only been released in my region now. Also I couldn’t see any topics on this on mpsocial. Atleast I couldn’t find it. But thanks for heads up. Appreciated @argzonnin

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You can see it happen on the explore page but when you go to a specific profile and click a photo the count pops up again. Just tested it. Europe based

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Yes exactly. That is why I show the explorer section on my photos, so that it was visible. This only applies for the explorer page, but once you enter the specific profile it is visible. And I am in europe too yes.

This is very bad for smm business I believe.

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Yes, I also noticed it in Europe some weeks ago… thought it was a bug from update because everybody was only talking about hiding likes and not comments…

Yea they are doing this shit for some time now, soon they will hide whole app, fucking idiots


This is all big bs… i hope some new social network replace both ig and fb or at least take % of their users.

hide app icon on your phone :smiley:


:joy: :joy: :joy: :joy: This comment made my day :laughing::laughing:


I also noticed this.
Europe based.

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instagram going all doo-doo with these updates these last 4 months

bunch of cock suckers, i don’t know what is the point from hiding likes & comments. Soon instagram gonna be like google images you can only see the images


Not seeing it yet. And don’t really see the benefit

I also notice it when people send you a post in your DM’s, like friends or family, the comments don’t show. I thought it was odd cause friends usually send viral stuff and memes but there was no comments. If you go to profile, the comments are there. Weird.

Now a slight bye bye to all the so called fitness gurus and self claimed personal trainers on IG including businesses who claim to sell miracle dieting products😂

New policy update.

Less social pressure for casuals (people who dont get a lot of interactions or are just hanging around on ig with their friends) -> better user experience for them

They are doing this with an intention to drive advertisers away from the bloggers.

Think about it, if bloggers can’t show how many people like and comment on their sponsored post, they will have no way to show brands any results. Therefore brands will have no choice but to pay for instagram ads. At lest they know where their money go to!

Zuckerberg is a blood sucking vampire :vampire:‍♂


That is exactly this whole idea with all these restrictions and hidings they are implementing. You are indeed right my friend.


But I’ll say they are playing with fire :fire:
If they drive influencers out of business, no one will be left to create good content for the platform anymore!