On how many profile bios i can use same website?

Hey guys

planning to start 20 ig accounts going to same website url. Its nothing related to affiliate products, its my own product and my own website.

I plan to create 4 unique bitly urls and use 1 on 5 profiles. I already have 6 profiles with 2 unique bitly urls in 3 profiles each.

Do you think its going to be fine for long term(lets say 2 months)? I dont mind if accounts are blocked/banned after 2 months.

I just plan to do max 500 follows a day per account and 10-20 comments a day per account. no likes.


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I’d not do that but that’s just me.

How else would you be able to promote same website using multiple accounts? I am sure there are multiple mentions of brands(lets say randombrand.com) in hundreds of IG profile bios.

I have no more then 2-3 acccount’s on same pc/ip. Using unique pc/ip for every 2-3 accounts.

they’re probably high authority websites. I’d only go for 2-3 accounts with same website but that’s me maybe someone can comment on this with different oppinion

I cant understand why instagram would have any issue with this. Lets say someone is running a new brand and doing some promotion which triggers many people to mention their website url in the bio. Would ig ban them all?

As @trueword said, not a good idea.

One IG, one domain, done.

Even that is risky and can get you in trouble but it is a loooot more “safe” than the same url or the same site on more than one profile.

“Others are doing it too” will not a good reason to unban your account.

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Following this advice will make you nothing on IG. 1 account can fetch you $1 a day max.

edit: Maybe i misunderstood your post, so you mean 1 domain per ig?

Surely there has to be some other way. Buying a domain for every IG account is not a good investment.

I bet they would give a fuck only if all of these accounts were all running their ads otherwise i doubt.
P.s 1$ a day is not bad… you can try use cloaker

I am talking whitehat.

If you want to spam and do blackhat, that is a whole different conversation.

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I would avoid bitly free account, stats are public by adding a “+” to end of url, unless you go pro account.

You should read this topic(and topic links inside) on how intermediate landing pages and redirects, so not to get banned by IG: