Only I can see the posts in groups

Hey guys I have a problem.

Only I can see the posts my posts in the groups. If I try with another account I can’t see the post.

I tried with 10 posts per account a day but still.

maybe they are not approved by the admin yet…

Or, it could be ghosting. Happens.

No, they are ghosted. But I dont know why it happens…

I was posting same domain but different links, on 10 accounts.

Like acc1:

Yes, must be that. Do you know how to fix it?

use share post from page.

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I’m sharing from wall, because I was custom previews. So I must share from the page?

or ghosting yeah… you might also want to try and leave that account alone for a little while and see if it passes on its own.

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Ok, I will try because it’s not the first time i have this problem. I mean it works for the first day, after that the posts are ghosted.

age of accs, age of time join in group, etc. could all play a role.

i tried posting a viral link like buzzfeed but that got ghosted as well. but share from page works.

im using 3 year olds accounts… so age it’s not a problem. they are 2-3 months active (liking and sharing on wall and joining groups).

By sharing you mean use the share post option or just use the “” under your text?

I Have Same problem Like You
all You have to do, Create or use new accounts and New proxie of VPN
that s solution i found so far as its very wired how do they detected our activites but i believe from where U Get connected to facebook they spy and detecte all Your activites SPECIALLY if it s spamming groups.

U Better get connected from different places such as VPS or DRP or virtual machine
ALSO USE New accounts and forget others for while

facebook just become too much smarter.
i am not evening user massplanner as i have to do things manually.
massplanner does not really helps me as i am probably spamming almost 20 post per day from each account

So do you believe it’s a proxy problem or an activity problem?

it s ABSOLUTELY ip or proxy problem as they detected all activites which U made from it.
By the way are U using mp or working manually?
how many profiles are U opening while U Spamming groups?

give more details but best solution using different ips or proxies and spam

I have this setup:

Accounts are 3 years old. 2-3 months of activity (sharing post in wall and liking posts) , from 10-50 friends each account.
1 private proxy per account.
Posting with Massplanner on 20 posts each day per account. Nightmode 6 hours.

I have a lot of accounts so I can’t do it manually(more than 200). And I can’t use differents IP because I have to automate this by using proxies or something.

how do you managed to promote 200 accounts?
i would appreacite if U Explain a little bit more… as i though if U Have more then 200 accounts
U Can just post 10 post per account 10*200 = 2000 Post per day which is excellent

I added, profiled and joined with all the accounts… but I cant post… or better to say, I can post but all posts are ghosted so no traffic.

it looks all Your accounts are flagged by facebook.
U Better use new accounts and forget the one which is Ghosted, from my little exprience Ghosted profiles are death forever.

How many traffic did you get per day with all those accounts in the passed?
i am using 10/15 accounts and getting almost 1000visitor per day

I never posted with them… that’s the problem. I started posting now. They got instaflagged somehow.

I noticed after a few days the ghosting is gone, but I have to test better. So exactly how did you resolve the ghosting?

i simply created new accounts and forget ghosted one
i am currently using vpn and proxies to log in different accounts and stay safe
i am doing somehow good but result is not good enough, i am only targeted German groups ONLY.

you haven t replied my question?
how many visitor per day do u get with all those accounts?
i want to add 50 accounts in massplanner and star just posting 10 post per day from each account.
Like and comment and after a month, i will post Link in facebook wall and hope to get 50,000 visitor per day or am i dreaming ???