Opinion about traffic and journey status

My journey is a combination of Pinterest + Instagram + Facebook :

The journey

8 Instagram Accounts/24 Pinterest Accounts/8 very well prepared and old Facebook accounts US targeted with 100-120 groups each with high member count
At the moment I already created 24 Pinterest accounts that I’m still searching on how to use them.
All the accounts will be used in tiers as the main schematics from the journey :
Pinterest - 6 Main accounts and 18 accounts that will join groups/fallow/unfallow
Instagram - 1 Main account and 7 second accounts
Facebook - All accounts will share the Page content that will be from the website.

I’m still working on the website as I want it too be functional and prepared for adding AdSense and other affiliation ads in Posts/around the website

Mojority of the posts are Tops and How to travel guides

For creating posts I think that I will use Pinterest/other travel websites sources and will spin using WordAI because it creates around 90% unique spins

What are your opinions on those things ?

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Be VERY VERY careful with this if you do end up using Adsense. Even WordAI spun articles, good as they are, can get you kicked out.

If you’re talking about your main money site, don’t ever use spun content. People know it’s not naturally written & they won’t come back.

Look at a few of the articles you have lying around, some of the stuff you find on Pinterest & put your own spin on it. Rewrite it in your own words. Make it valuable & unique.

That’s the only way you’ll succeed with any kind of blog.

Take your WordAI spun articles & use them to build backlinks. Web 2.0 properties, guest posts, whatever & wherever.

Invest in RankerX for building backlinks to your Tier 1 sites.

Buy 10 or so expired domains & build a PBN. Check out easy blog networks.

Guess the point here is that your social media activity is but one small part of the equation.

Don’t go in to this with a churn & burn attitude. Running a blog isn’t the same as throwing up a landing page & finding a few suckers on IG.

Do it right, don’t take shortcuts.

Yes, there are people out there who get metric shittons of traffic just from social, but you’re in the wrong niche for that (looks like you’re doing travel, which I’ve done to death).

Ask questions if you have any.

Thnaks a very much for the opinion !

About the spun articles. Because English is not my main language I wanted WordAI to be a helping hand.
Im also searching for other methods, because using a paid service just a helping hand is not worth the investment.
After the articles were spinned I would verify them and read to check if there is any “bot type” of errors because I know for sure there will be.

I know I selected a niche that will be for the long run, but I want to know if the effort is worth the time invested.
Also if its profitable, because I don’t see that much people doing travel or they do landing pages that I are just for short time and based on luck.

I will also PM you the format of the website.

I got in to the travel niche because I love travel & love photography. I post my own real stuff everywhere.

For that particular blog, I have nearly 90,000 followers between Instagram, Twitter & Facebook. I get nearly 200 likes & retweets every time I post - which is absolutely crazy for normal people like me.

You want to know how much money I make from that blog?

About $10 per day.

Unless you’re incredibly lucky - and someone may disagree - you aren’t going to get rich blogging with one blog.

Scale, scale, scale, scale.

Set up 10 blogs on a variety of topics. Get them all to $10 / day.

$100 day, now we’re getting warmer.

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