Opinon of Hashtags Today?

I used to post a couple years ago, 2-3 years ago, and from 25 hashtags I would see 30 to 60 likes just from the hashtags within five minutes. (Business: Design 2500 followers)

In that last two weeks I posted two different type of post, 25 tags, and I have 4500k followers now. Yet maybe I see 3-4 of likes within the first five minutes. Pathetic. (They are working. All 25 are appearing in the recent tab.)

I’ve been updating my tags recently, which takes a lot of time. I’m only 1/4 way through this update project of hashtags. Is it worth it to continue? Maybe they matter less now? They used to considered integral to IG marketing.

Anyone else notice a slide like this? Thanks.

Good questions!

Let me tell you my experience so far. I’ve been using hashtags since I created my account to this day (travel niche) and I was having a nice result until last Sunday (before update). As per IG insights I’ve seen that sometimes my posts were shadow banned but at the same time other posts the engagement has grown totally insane.

Today I uploaded a post with 30 hashtags as usually (10/10/10 rule) and surprisingly the engagement went down like 200%…

There’s a few websites shared in this forum related to hashtags which I’ve been using since the past few months with great results, however it seems the algorithm has changed again so we’ll need to continue testing.

A few questions:

Number of users three years ago? Number of users today?

Posts per minute three years ago? Posts per minute today?


My focus , I stated followers. I only post once ever 4-6 days.

George, thanks, did not understand that too well.

Shadowban, another subject, I’m stating now everything is great: Hashtags are not banned and showing up A-OK. I’m just not sure they are that effective…? Who knows, that’s why I’m posting.
What is 10/ 10/ 10 rule?

What does this mean, 'There’s a few websites shared in this forum related to hashtags which I’ve been using"…"

the thing is that Nowadays you need More like’s and comments to get on the top of hashtags most posts that gets on top tags has 3 to 6 hashtags not 25!
also make sure to use only hashtags that are relevant to your niche or category of content

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This is true. I once created a guide on here about hashtags, but you should avoid using 30 hashtags and include them in the caption, not in the comments


I usually use a max of 25 and I recommend to my friends to go with this number as well.

As far as I posted the best results I had were with between 20 and 25 hashtags.


thanks Bake, Funny, Allorssa, Today, I posted 27 and it got shadowbanned. nothing.
then went down some same… 20, 15.
Then changed image and just put 2 hashtags, (my 2 branding ones, and it was ok)…

So not a total shadow on the account.

Where the sweet spot it, I don’t know. Could not be image right? IG can’t not like some images…

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making a post on it


Didn’t you use some banned hashtags? I heard that there are a lot of them nowadays

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Don’t think had banned, don’t get banned thing anyway. Things on that list are just banal and commonplace.

My tags were good, researched well. So puzzling.

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Check this Out

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THANKS A, well, this is new issue, effectiveness of tags seems very weak. But I’m noticing a total ban on them after posting.

Just reduced from 28 to 18, still all wont show. zero.

So I have to keep testing from 2 to 18 what could work.

You may have a point in this sense: hashtags, may just be worthless now. Just post quality and do liking and following that may be it