Other ways to grow -- shoutouts in 2019

I was bored and started a new account Saturday – 1:00 am morning, in a kinda new field spiritual/personal growth. Creator account since 4th post.
This account is done all by shoutouts from my mains-slaves too.

above is post number 6, and it’s doing okay, not what I wanted but heck.

Er is kinda good I need to bump it up to 50 % or better, so I will post once or twice a day, the first day did 5.
In level two I have a guide how to do this.
Some thoughts –

  1. Content makes it grow folks. 2 of the post have hashtags – did crappy on tags.( This account for now will not use them.
  2. Feed today is worse than last year but not by much as the high volume season begins Sep to dearly Dec.

Some of you wonder how new accounts get so damn big so quick – this is how.
EDIT – don’t message me asking for services to shout – or how. It’s in level 2, detailed.
I only shout my own accounts.


Guys, watch the master at work :heart_eyes:

Edit: I always struggle to know what content to share for the pages I personally create :see_no_evil: that’s my biggest struggle. I gotta check out your guide to review what you said about that.


(current plan) im going to shoutout this page until somewhere 2k-5k (within a week) and stop as by then it will have the power to grow on it’s own. Just wait until it reaches 20k and baam – gotta another slave to promote with. ( it takes much work to do the shouts.)


Great job man!

BTW I checked your old thread again and it’s a gem! Need to try it with my own network.


what niche are you?


When you do – focus should be on ER! get your best posts.
Newly created accounts with high er gets on explore in a few days,

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Interesting stuff, so is your network all one niche or multiple niches? It seems like in this case it would be beneficial for all of the accounts you are using to shoutout the new account to be in the same niche. I found a great niche that makes me money but it is not the biggest, the hashtag that is the name of the niche only has 12 million posts. I have about 7 accounts in that niche and I’m afraid that if I make more, like maybe 20 or 30 accounts for the same niche that I might over saturate that niche with the same product. Do you think someone can over saturate a niche if they make too many repost accounts selling the same thing, or is that basically impossible on instagram?


unless your niche is ‘ugliest toenails’ I don’t think so. My niche all the same(quotes/text/poetry). Branching off into spirtaull stuff ya know – hippies of the 2019 era.


I’d really like to switch off hashtags for new accounts, just haven’t seen much from explore in comparison to hashtags for smaller accounts. Maybe I’m impatient - does this need time to ramp up?


why don’t u just take them off for a week and find out?

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As the saying goes, it takes a network to make a network – or as we all know it, it takes money to make money.

Obviously exceptions to the rule, but without having something to boost new accounts with, nothing can really just grow via content on its own, also with exceptions of course.

Really wishing I had the money to go this route and build a strong network of accounts… but gave up on every niche I started in due to nothing exploding in growth as it could have. In my opinion there’s really no point in trying to grow anymore with f/uf, so without a big network for shoutouts or m/s you’re sort of dead in the water
to a degree.


grow them till 10k or so and ya got a network.


Fitness centers, gyms, and personal trainers


Yeah…those need originals

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cant wait to see this lvl2 thread. Can you say how big your network is to achieve those numbers?

We will be at Lvl 2 sooner or later, eh?

Incredible thanks for sharing this @Alexnvo.
This also proves that you properly have a strong main and the slaves must have a very good engagement too, since a growth like this is possible.
Now I see what you meant in the other thread, when you mentioned how influencers use this technique.


Not true at all. Recently, I started an account from scratch, built it up to 3000 followers with f/uf and grew organically from there. Also, created another account in the same niche as soon as the main account reached 20k. Now the new account is at 15k and the main one at 25k and both have an ER of 20-30%.

Content is key and small nuances make the difference.


Your newborn account has same reach and better growth than my personal, which I grow since September and have it since 2012. On September 2018 i decided to get busy in instagram, turned my personal account to business and grew it from 80 followers to 8000, which is today but since June is struggling to grow. Haven’t even reached 10K. I am in fashion/travel niche.

Also, I can’t understand why you have insights from explore page even when it has only 2 views !!!

Yesterday, I tested what you always suggest, posted with absolute no hashtag, nothing extraordinary happened and the insights show views from home page, location, profile and “other sources”. Not once have I seen the word explore page even when I had great ER some months ago.

Is there hope for this account? Why newly created accounts reach the explore page in a few days as you say and others never?

I would appreciate thoughts of all of you, guys, thanx

What is “good ER” for you? Also, travel and fashion are two separate niches so your niche isn’t defined enough.

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