PayPal limited account with 80K$

So after working with damn fucking paypal for 6 years, and 1000s of transactions they decided to just limit my account for no reason at all, when I called them just now, they told me there is no specific reason why they limited it, and I was doing everything the same for the last 6 years, what a fucking scam.

My only way to get money out of it is to refund all my customers and tell them to send money somewhere else.

Now what’s the best option to do this? I want them to pay me to my credit card, how can I setup Payment gateway, I want them to just input their credit card info so it’s easy to them to pay it, most of my clients are from USA.

Is there some page where you can just create account (without business information, as a freelancer) and send invoices from it so clients can just click on it choose VISA card for example and send me the money?


Makes no sense. They can never say , there is no Reason. They are liable to give a reason, and there must be a reason for such an action.
I think you should get back to them demanding a reason. You cant fix something unless you know whats wrong. Most of the thing regarding paypal can be fixed, so better ask them to Give a reason.

Also, you can still withdraw while limited right ?

No you can’t do anything, you can just refund your customers and that’s it. In email they say my method of doing business has changed, and it’s the same since I started it, so it’s just bullshit, no real reason why they limited it.

Thats strange, The always give a reason, they had limited my account due to taxation rules update of my country and advised to go for business account instead of personal account. But i was able to withdraw funds after 180 days Cooldown period.

I have like 3-4 cards connected on the account, did you have option to withdraw few times? Or you needed to withdraw all money at once? If I withdraw all that money at once it could limit my credit card account I have connected there damn

Indian Paypal Users have a nice option of Auto-Withdrawals everyday at 3-4 am,This helps incase if the Paypal is Limited.

My Paypal Balance always gets Cleared by Paypal automatically everyday at the same time…

I was able to withdraw the bank account linked , and i withdrew all in one shot. Not sure about cards

Did you have option to put how much you want to withdrawn, or there was only option to withdraw it all?

You can use many payment gateways in Croatia, we developed many sites there in the recent months, I recommend you just a simple web with a shopping cart where your customers can pay with their credit cards. Do not try shopify as they will charge your per transaction on top of the bank fees, go for a simple Wordpress site with Woocommerce. You can have it up and running in a few hours.


i had the option to select amount, and i selected all.

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Regarding Paypal Account Limitations keep trying, push them via phone and email, they must provide ther reason to limit your account. We had similar cases and we managed always to transfer the money to a bank. Try to call tel: 00353 1 436 9111

They told me to wait for 12 days and then call it again for some reason, they say at this time they cant do anything but I can call and ask again in 12 days lol

you can use someone paypal account

You’ve used paypal for 6 years but never did withdrawal?

And paypal will never give you 0 reasons, doesn’t make sense at all.

Ofc I did withdrawal, I did them every week.

Hi ,

I also had issues in the past with paypal ( due to type of service )

There actually IS a way out , but you will need about 10% fee ot moving after the funds from paypal to btc or other types of payment gataways

You’re allowing them to violate you. Please threaten legal action, that amount of money is nothing to play with. They usually respond immediately and fix it when you do this (I’ve seen others do this). That amount of money is insane and should not be handled this way.

Cime se bavis? Ako mogu znat, da mi das par savjeta

Paypal did the same to us 6 months ago.
They said they would keep the money for 180 days.
Now (180 days later) they transfered 100% of our account balance to themselves.

When calling them they are super nice, but nobody can help and nobody is in charge.
We are in touch with a few lawyers because it is probably the only way to get our money back.

In the past they only blocked money, now they steal it completely.
The notes of the transaction say “for damage caused by violating the terms”
Paypal is just insane.


WTF man…

they suspended my account 2 month ago, even calling them did not helped and they told me on the phone they would give it to me after 6 months but your message is not reassuring…

Worst platform of payment ever

First they f… you with the conversion of the currencies that are never really accurate (up to 15% difference!) and then they steal your money. Their TOS is a problem for any business, anyone is concerned by what’s written there.

They never help on the phone. I told them I was doing community management, made sales page to prove it (obviously it was fake but they did not know that) and still refused to unlock my account.