People ruining this forum with all the client talk

90% off all the talk in here is about “client” marketing, in my opinion bhw is a better forum when it comes to earning money methods. All people that have “clients” have tried other methods mostly and have failed beeing successful in normal internet marketing. Just so tired off all this talk about this, just wanted to state my opinion about this, beeing negative we all are, dont bash me for stayting my opinion…We all need to vent even if its positive or negative.

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Everyone earns their money in different ways. And everyone is entitled to their own opinion of the forum and content.

Is BHW better at straight scams etc? Maybe. But that leaves mpsocial a better forum for managing clients etc. BHW is also full of more spammers, scammers and trolls, and here there is less of it.

I only see you being negative, and I am not bashing your opinion.

I will call BS on this. Not everyone wants to run 5k spam accounts selling T-shirts and dropshipping. Some people want to run Digital Marketing Agencies, learn how to do social media etc.

If you don’t like the forum so much, either feel free to contribute or at least start a conversation about a topic that will make all of us “failures” want to switch over to selling T-shirts and aff links.

I think this place has a little of both, and I personally see nothing wrong with it.


So why are you here anyhow if bhw is better?
I mean no one forces you to open your browser, type and then browse the topics that are here?
If a topic is here and people DO bother to talk about it and it is not ignored then it means that it has some relevant information to those that take part in the discussion. So how about refraining from imposing your biased opinion on others?


If you don’t like it here, feel free to go to BHW to discuss.

You don’t have the right to judge other people and tell them what to do.


Do you have access to level2?


I think each forum serves its purpose. I too use both but in honesty I like MP better. BHW there are a lot of know it all assholes who can’t be bothered to answer a question. Here, we have our fair share of assholes, but everyone is nice so far. Not many bitchy rants posted here…not many…:eyes:


I feel attacked.


:joy: but i wasn’t calling you an asshole, there is literally a thread by a guy self proclaiming the asshole title




With enough votes maybe Johnny will change my title to that.


I have to agree with OP (at least partly), I was looking for information about CPA yesterday, there is nothing active, even on LV2,3.
The forum is becoming more and more monothematic, I am not saying whether it is good or bad, but still.


Then start a thread, ask a good question that’s not been covered before. Create a guide, talk about a tactic etc.

Personally? I’ve learned a lot from the CPA spam side.

You’ve created exactly one topic. And you sell in it. Not exactly contributing or helping the cause, right?

TBH, you have an unlicensed sales thread


I’m really happy with this forum, and I haven’t even thought to open BHW in many months. I think maybe the disappointment from the original poster is more just the focus of content rather than the quality (i.e. it’s not about the topic you want, even though the quality is good). To draw a conclusion from that about how it is bad is kind of apples and oranges, but that’s okay. To me, the quality of the people on here (or at least many of the leading posters) are high quality professionals who you can feel know their stuff, which was very comforting for me when I first started. Whereas if you went on BHW now to learn about managing accounts with quality and troubleshooting all the different issues and getting different marketing strategies, even though there’s pro users there I imagine, I think that you would drown amidst the poor quality of posts around. I know I got thrown in wrong directions from BHW when I first began.

On the other hand, if the users on here did hypothetically choose to gravitate towards that CPA stuff, it’s possible (maybe) that the quality on here would quickly be more focused and higher quality than compared to BHW. I just say that because MPSocial feels like a much tighter group of people actually aiming to assist each other, and that tends to happen well on this forum. That kind of help probably exists on BHW in places, but I can’t say I felt that much. That’s just my perception on it all. I’m so grateful for this forum, it’s really helped me be able to share about a charity organisation that I passionately care about. Without it, who knows - maybe I would be buying another batch of bad accounts from my 200th provider and still floating about in Follow-block-land. I hope you can find a forum that does similarly for you - sorry it isn’t this one. :slight_smile:


BHW is 50% saturated money making methods, 20% bragging threads disguised as a journey, 20% marketplace threads and 10% noobs asking obvious questions.


The reason behind all the client talk is because at the moment Social media management is relatively young, still unsaturated and very profitable.
Most of the agencies I work with are booming.
When crypto was skyrocketing, everybody was talking about it. Of course I don’t want to draw parallels between crypto and SMM since SMM actually gives value to customers, so unlike crypto it’s not a bubble. Not on that scale at least.


I do not even understand stating this, even though its your opinion. Like what will be the outcome of this discussion? 90% will disagree with you since we are here because we love mpsocial. Many threads about a topic only means that many people are interested in this. Pointing it out basically does nothing at all.

:grin: <- bcs im always positive


As already stated in the topic, this forum feels much more like a community. I get lost easily on BHW, whereas here I manage to get help as soon as I need it. Not just referring to creating threads or posting but also searching for answers in existing topics. BHW has a bigger marketplace but I’m not sure if quantity is better than quality in this case.


Yes, I created one thread, but not to sell, just to give a free tool (it’s still on github). Later, I made it for sale, to be ok with the creators of the forum, and only at the end I added the version with subscription. The thread is paid as it should be.

So yes, this is something that I gave for this forum, but that’s not what I meant.

I agree with the fact that the forum is largely about account management. I read old posts, threads, they are really great, new ones too, but they are less diverse. I like this community.

So, I’m not attacking anyone, I’m not complaining, I’m just writing about feelings :blush:

evolution. at first we discussed how to use the program – once we got comfortable and shared new ways or better ways, as the program matured and we got good at using and finding out why it’s the best – we started new ways to use it. Getting paid to grow others is a golden egg for this fine product. Most everything is already discussed – usage, proxies-- like/follow blocks…etc…

It means we as users are using the tool for other things…

Edit… it doesn’t ruin it – in fact it highlights it works if you use it properly… ya don’t see often many request for new features except when IG rolls a new option out. Plus – what else is there to talk about? Every major area has already been discussed inside and out – don’t believe me? use search on any topic you want and you will find gold!


bhw has many other options becuase it covers the entire blackhat methods – this forum is for one software and it’s social media stuff. Note one thing about bhw – many fakes, more cons more fake. here is the the real thing …those who are trying to scam you often will get exposed the first day cause the users here know the real world stuff…a scam artist…many, many exposed and they booted. olus – in that 90 percent if you read are methods to grow safely all revealed for free…


If you haven’t found a topic that interests you here, then why not start one about what interests you, instead of criticizing everyone and the whole community? People discussing what they want to discuss does not “ruin” a place, it’s just another topic in a list of them.