Personal letter from Instagram?

I just got this I’m pretty sure it’s from a person, has anyone else had this? I still haven’t been told what the violation is as it’s a nail art account and totally innocent. I’m going to keep trying but I’m loosing hope for my business account

Mexico is a nice place at this time of the year .


Is all hope gone? :sleepy:

What did you do that warranted this?

Nothing it was an innocent nail art account, I specialised in glitter and had 123k followers. The only violation I can think of is I had music in my old videos

Maybe the original creator of one of your nail art clips reported your account?

I am the original creator, I had a business making fake nails and was ontop of my game. My business is now non existent and I was making a really good income before. I need to get it back😰

That sucks. I hope you get it back!

Learn from it , seems like it was not a business :slight_smile:

It was a business but now sales are down 94% in my Shopify and I am in real trouble. I am a single mother with a special needs child and this was my only income. They have taken everything from me and won’t tell me why

Thanks I hope so too

Make sure your lead source is nothing that can be taken away from you so easily . Take a look at FB Ads and other paid promotions .

I did my first Facebook ad today it didn’t do much, my Facebook has 11k followers but 99% of my business was on Instagram and I just never knew this could happen. I can’t even make my new Instagram page a business page because it’s still linked to my disabled page

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You should really remove your personal email and the pics that contain it.

Oh ok will do now

Sorry I’m new to this I can’t seem to remove my photos😩

Click the three dots then the pen, that will allow you to edit your post.

Thank you for your help

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Sad to say that it could have been reported multiple times by competitors etc. but it could have been.

Maybe they saw you as “advertising” too much, or you had too many brands etc. IG does weird stuff, maybe it really was deactivated by accident.

Just keep sending them requests to reinstate your account, but don’t waste time, start another account. If you do get it back, grow them both.

It is best to figure out a way to build and keep your business going without IG though, because as you just learned, they can take it away from you with no warning and at random.

Best of luck to you

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Thank you so much, I did start a new account it has 6k followers but it’s a far cry of my 123k followers. The really sad thing is I was making everything by hand and I got so popular I went to china to go into production, went into debt and was just going to rock all my customers with my new product. I feel like everything was going my way then boom it all disappeared and I am back to square one😪

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