Phone companies for IG

I there since the following ban I have been wanting to do some mother slave accounts but they keep getting flagged due to the phone process. Who do you guys use for your mobile phone numbers for the iG profiles. The cheapest I can find is $10 a month which can work out pretty expensive if I had to buy 40 of them for my accounts. Any advice?

You can see this thread if that helps. It has the list of some online phone verification services. Please beware, sometimes some of the numbers of those services are spammed but as you are using them for slave accounts, online services could suffice.

Please also check your warm up, proxies and creation method if you are getting multiple PVs on the same accounts each time.

However, definitely go for real sims if you can or try prepaid ones which can be cheaper depending on your country.

Thank you!! That was really helpful.

You can buy blank sims without any prepaid services, usually this sims last half year without 1 cent on them.
You just need to have numbers to receive sms.

GOOGLE VOICE. Best one to use.

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Google voice is the best since you know your getting good numbers.

If in Europe, many companies let you order a FREE sim to your address - order many of these and do it manually to be safe!