Phone Verification, you say? F*ck YOU Instagram!

What happens when IG phone verification pushes you over the edge…

Yes, every one of those is activated.



Why not just use an emulator!? :joy::joy:

Well, after a weekend of putting up with asinine verification horse sh*t…

You want a real number, IG? Fine. I’ll give you one.

I pulled out every junk phone I could find & activated them on my business account. I’ve still got 10 left to go.

After I use these 26 real, American as apple pie numbers, I’ll change phone numbers & use them all again.

Over… and over… and over.

It’ll probably bankrupt me, but I don’t care. I’ll win on principle.

This is known as the “more money than sense” approach to account creation.


The gif is so good, its like we feel at this point with all those phone verifications XD

:joy: killer pic

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@trolling4dollars you rock big time! you are my idol!

Awesome job there :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

IG bastards! Show them who’s the boss. :smiley:


How much time did it take to verify them ?

The better part of a day

along the same line, i was thinking of starting a 2nd hand mobile phone shop buying and selling used mobile phones.

and while the used mobile phones remained unsold, i’ll create new accounts using these phones, warm them up daily, and wipe the phones clean as they are sold

but now, it remains just as a thought


Okay, your approach is really, really impressive :open_mouth:… as well as a bit frightening to me - because I am sure if I could do the same (investing in a lot of phones).
I am really interested in hearing your opinion, @trolling4dollars . Some people here recommends the procedure (when facing a PV-request):
:a: turning airplane mode on and off after logging out of each one (Dynamic IP on 3G/4G internet) and
:b: using a rooted phone was used to change device id (Download “Android Device ID Changer” for rooted phone on playstore) after each verifying an account

What is your opinion about these recommendations? Thank you very much for your input :slight_smile:

Yeah, I don’t do any of that.

I use the phone number assigned to each of those phones to activate a single account. A day or so later I request a new phone number from my cell provider & then use those new numbers to activate again.

I’m not sure how many times I can request new numbers, but I guess I’ll find out.

I also use smspva to activate some of the accounts.

I don’t install IG on the phone.

Okay, this is amazing. Seems you have cheap and quick access to numbers.

I havent made any experience with SMSPVA, but there are some people you say:“Dont use this service”, so maybe its a good idea to take those opinions into consideration.

If you have access to a lot fresh numbers (as you described), don’t you think it would be safer for you to use them (instead any suspicious virtual-number-service)?

Oh yeah, it would. However, it can take a day or longer for the phone company to change my number. If I’m in a hurry & have run out of real phone numbers, I’ll use smspva.

Check out my post from yesterday re: smspva


Wow really impressive man!
Keep on hustling my friend :smiley:

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@trolling4dollars So that will be 41 sims for 41 accounts ?

No. I only have 26 “real” numbers at the moment. The rest were verified with smspva.

Keep in mind, though - I plan to periodically change the phone number on each of those phones, so I can reuse as needed. I just don’t want to change too many of them too often, that’s the kind of thing that gets you on a terrorist watchlist!

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Sent you a PM :slight_smile:

Instagram was fucked, indeed.