PHP cloaker for IG crawlers?

Hey, is anyone sitting on a PHP cloaker that works for IG? It should be a very simple and lightweight script because IG crawlers never have mobile resolution, so you can just send all mobile users to the lander and the desktop PC to a pre-lander button page.

I figure it’s such a easy script that tons of people should be sitting on it. If no one wants to share I guess I will try to code it myself. Either way, have a good day. :smiley:

I want it to be server sided hence why I don’t want to use JavaScript.

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This subject was discussed in BHW:

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Yes it was discussed on BHW without any valid conclusions.

I was just trying to help :slight_smile:

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I don’t mean to be rude or condescending towards you. I appreciate you being a part of the community and trying to help. :slight_smile:

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If anyone can provide me a good cloaker I’m willing to pay.

are you willing to pay monthly?

Yes I absolutely am.

add me on skype: simaomfernandes and i’ll sell you one for $20(just the script, no monthly payment).

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If you use WordPress this is the best solution.
Take a look how it works! Cloaking IG

Could someone explain to me what a cloaked is? And what it does?

Thanks I’m noob😂

Cloaking is a technique for showing search engine crawlers like google or social networks a different page than humans are seeing.

For example for humans we show a sales page.
For robots that follow the same link we can display a content page without affiliate links.

These camouflages can be made by IP, USER AGENT, COUNTRY, PLATFORM, DEVICE OR BY BROWSER.

This technique is used to rank websites or to advertise on platforms such as adwords and facebooksads.

This helps to increase profits from internet marketers and prevents many accounts from being blocked.


anyone has a working script for cloakers? Using advertsafe right now but it’s too problematic

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What is problematic with Advertsafe ?

I searched and searched (in the past), but I was never able to find something. And I would be able to make something myself, if I would know the requirements.

I made a list of ways to recognise IG crawlers. But every way I could think off would be easy to bypass by IG. You can filter on IP, but that will not work if they buy a new block with IP’s. You can filter with user agents, but that is also too easy. I have been thinking about something with cookies, but stopped after reading that crawlers can also accept cookies. I really cannot come up with a way to do this well.

all the advertsafe users I know recently got PV wave
And it is down daily for 10-20 minutes…


I had a PV wave 1 week ago, I think it was on a monday or tuesday? And I also lost a lot of accounts.

But it is always hard to make a conclusion about why something happened exactly.

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They had downtime exactly the moments a lot of us got PV and bans :slight_smile:


Yes. But I also have a group with Advertsafe, that was not affected at all.

Today I also found out something new.

I had a group of acocunts with PV’s. When verifying with the suggested already connected phone number everything went ok.

When verifying with another number, not the one already connected with the account and suggested by IG, all acounts received a ban.

Another reason to buy Dutch sim cards and doing your own verifications! :smiley:


My spam accounts got hammered but my client accounts where not affected, when i figured out why i just used that method on my spam accounts - no issues that can`t be resolved now!

I use Data Centre proxies and Chinese numbers…

So you used a secret method you also use with client accounts on your spam accounts and now all issues are resolved ?

You are almost making me curious.

What I noticed was very simple. I started with about 150 accounts having a PV. Phone numbers attached were a combination of real numbers of Dutch and Spanish sims I own, and smspva numbers from Russia, Ukraine and Indonesia.
The accounts having numbers from real sims all survived, I could receive the sms on the same number already in the account. ALL accounts having other numbers I did not own got a ban after using another number to verify.