Pinning does not work - what do I wrong?

I want to pin to Board A with Account “arnika”. So I set up a destination list. Select Arnika Account, double click the “selected” link, choose Board and close the window. Now I have a destination list. Now I build the campaign: Add campaign, add 500 images to list, put in text, go to where to publish, select the before created destination list (strange it says no walls), although I selected a board, when to publish 24 posts, check in the posts list, posts are there, return to campaign list, after a while it shows that it has posted let say 3 posts/pins, but when I browse the account nothing is in the board. What do I wrong?

This is not strange, it’s made to show “It will publish on 0 profiles, x pages, 0 groups”. For Pinterest, boards are displayed as pages in Overview tab.

Go to History tab, click on details next to each post, see if there’s any errors there.

In history it just says finish - no error - but still no pins in the board

Sorry says error code 148,

Seems to be solved now. Problem was with image file name, seems MP does not handle xxxx.jpeg, so I renamed images to xxxx.jpg, now it is pinning correctly.

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Ok, good to hear that.