Pinterest Account + Webiste blocked

Hey guys,

I just have a quick question!

I was on Pinterest and connected my blog (finance) with my Pinterest account about a month ago. I posted 3-4 pictures all linking to my blog and I suddenly got a message that my website as well as my account got blocked.

I have no idea why and I did not spam (total of maybe 20 repins in 1 month) and blog is also pretty well set up without any black hat strategies or bad intentions.

I have already tried to ask but they just said that after evaluation, they still cannot unblock it.

Is there a way to undo this?


I managed to get accounts unbanned, but website - never.
May I know what website is about? If it’s health related - they’re pretty sensitive to that kind of content.

It’s about finance.

The blog is:

Didn’t do any black hat stuff or anything I would consider bad.

Maybe Pinterest does not like google adsense?

Turn off the spammy ad block popup on your site. You are not even advertising! Make it clean.

Maybe take the make money page down. It seems like everyone spammed the heck out of that, and now it is just blanket banned. Then, go back to the Pin help and see if they will reconsider.

Gotcha thanks!!

Okay thank you! Will consider this

Did you post the same link over and over? This could be the reason.

No, I had about 10 blog posts and for each post I posted one pin with the corresponding link, thats it.

If that’s all you had, then move to new domain, it’s not worth the trouble.

And make sure you change what members here suggested.

Okay gotcha thank you!