Pinterest block/ghosted accounts?

So I have made 3 accounts with 3 different proxies, I created and made 3 boards for each one with something like 6 pins for board. After a week I started to follow (max 100 day) and repin but for mistake I setupped max 10 respons for board so every account repinned 20/30 post for day. I haven’t got any ban email and I can login but if I try to follow someone the following counter don’t rise up. If I’m following 15 people and I follow another one I keep be at 15 instead of 16. What can I do? I’m ghosted?

Might be. I haven’t heard about pinterest ghosting their users before but it’s possible. If you have another account, try following that account using the account you are having a problem with and check your other account if it successfully followed the account.

Follow now works but when the account do things (follows, like and so on) no notify appear… ghosted sadly