Pinterest boards exchange

Since I’ve tried contacting everyone that replied to the previous similar topics and didn’t get too much of responses, or the users don’t log in to their account anymore, I created this new topic.

Everyone that is interested in exchanging group boards on pinterest, feel free to contact me.


What’re field of your business

what’s your niche u want in? I have quotes, food and landscape. 400 groups i think

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I’m focusing about fashion for any niche.

I work for international clients for social media and links building. Can you tell me the process how I can exchange board and pins on Pinterest? My question about related to Pinterest board change process.

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Would love to join some boards.

I am in the travel/Lifestyle/food niche
I am 55secrets on Pinterst so you can check what boards you would like to be invited.

If anyone else has related boards get in touch with me please