Pinterest Crawlers - Redirect URLs to one Post

I don’t want to spam Pinterest with one URL, so I thought: Why not upload many Pins with different URLs and different images which redirect to my Post. I could promote the same Post as much as I want, because as far as I know Pinterest doesn’t use any crawlers to see whats behind the link.

Or am I wrong? What’s your experience with redirecting URLs in Pinterest and Pinterest Crawl Bots?

Hi, Will discover your redirection Need to do by index and htacess

Need different domains redirecting

I want to redirect to the same domain. Can you explain further how to redirect correctly. Maybe an article or a link?

I think they can spot you

Got those a view times using meta refresh on a web 2.0

Thanks, but do you know if they crawl the content like Google Bots? I doubt it. I could just copy the content to another URL and promote it there.

I don’t know, i just assume they do

So you see they even give us their useragent. So it’s easy to redirect bot where ever we want ( or not redirect bot, but redirect normal users ).

But check out your logs( after 2-3 posts ) before you start mass posting.

For example - facebook have a bots with normal useragents, but we can track them by IPs ( not sure if pinterest have this kind of bot, but check to be safe )

You can check this Pinterest account that they use redirects for many years, also you can see that they do not share any others pins, only their pins with redirects.

I do not know how they are doing this job for many years but pinterest do not blocked them.

here is the account link;

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Didn’t see any redirects there. They go 1 pin = 1 link

Yeah it does redirect from .info domains to