Pinterest - Error 168 while creating boards with Jarvee

I have rarely encountered any bug on Jarvee, but as I did not see any thread talking about this specific problem, I’ve decided to put my two cents.

Problem: Jarvee cannot create boards

Cause: When a you manually create a new board on pinterest, you have to save a few pins and click “Done” but Jarvee won’t save the pins and click “done”. Instead, it tries to create the board again. This gives the Error 168 code (timeout).

Critical step: This is the step when it fails to create the board.

After that, it goes to “Edit board”, does nothing more and clicks “Done”

In the end, it throws me this error

The problem I cannot use the repin tool because the board doesn’t appear on the Repin Tool tab.

Does anybody has any clue?
Thank you a lot.

We will run some tests from our end to confirm the issue.

We have tested it and it’s working just fine from our end.

Please change the language of your Pinterest account to English, it should work just fine afterward.

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For all social media platforms, please make sure that the accounts are using the English language so that the tools will perform well. :slight_smile:

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Have you solved the problem you’ve had?

First of all, thanks for your quick replies.

I finally got the “success” status, but it does not save any pin nor appears on the “RePin” tab, which is important to our automation strategy. After watching many tutorials on pinterest + jarvee, I didn’t find any “refresh” button on the Repin tab. Do you have any clue?

Thank you a lot. Jarvee has been working fine with all other social media platforms, but we’re a bit of stuck with pinterest due to this problem.

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Please send an email to our customer support team: contact (at)

And we will help you out with all the issues you are having.

Thanks, i’m sending a video recording of the process to that mail.

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