Pinterest Error codes 53, 168, 162- how to fix?

53: The repin button has not been found.
168: Timeout occured,
162: Pin popup did not appear

I am receiving tens/hundreds of these errors every day. What do they mean? Where can I find how to fix them? Thank you!

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I couldn’t find any of the codes you got, and I have never seen them, sorry! I have had good luck going through Pinterest help, and chatting with a technician. Also, generally, I get a $25 free advertising coupon after asking to fill out a customer service survey afterwords…

In JV or in the browser?

If you are using Jarvee, I don’t know how Pinterest views that. The codes you are getting are for JV, then? If that is the case, then I can’t help you and I doubt Pinterest help can either. The only Pinterest approved app is Tailwind, and they won’t give help on other apps.