Pinterest error, "oops, you can't follow this person because they have blocked you"


On numerous accounts when my follower tool is running I keep getting “oops, you can’t follow this person because they have blocked you”. It will follow like 2 users and then the remaining operation it will give that error. MP will keep going too, so I worry about a possible ban.

The sources are all very big, 20 boards all of them each with 100K+ followers. Some are close to a million.

All of these accounts were started using MP, so I don’t understand how I would be blocked by so many users as MP is supposed to never follow the same user again.

Any advice?

Maybe you was banned by Pinterest and not by users?

How can I confirm? My account still works and no warning emails. Normally when your follow/unfollow ratio is too high, it says you can’t follow more at this time.

I searched online but could not find anyone that had that particular error.

@factoverfallacy The next time you keep getting this issue, contact support and they will check it out and forward it to developers to see if it is a Pinterest limitation over your account or something else.

I already have a pending ticket as Pinterest is not following my minimum users. It seems to scroll the page and not the actual followers scroll, leading MP to think all followers on my sources were followed even though they were not. IE. my month old account is passing up sources as " no more users to follow" when each one has over 500K.

Support acknowledged Pinterest has updated a lot frequently and is working on it. I was going to wait for that first but might as well chime in.

Thanks, I’m talking about the “oops, you can’t follow this person because they have blocked you” so we can check what is happening exactly.