Pinterest Exchange Boards


Hi all i want to exchange boards invites i have arount 300+ boards from all topics please if someone want replay me or PM. Thanks


I am using Massplanner for pinterest only and I am highly interested for some DIY-DECOR-FASHION group boards invites.
Please PM me with your profile and let me know what can I give in return :slight_smile:


Hello, If somebody has boards for exchange please pm me, I have around 50, so we can help each other. Thanks


Great , would you do exchange with @tryhealthfitness please


hey i am interest in exchange ! i have same niche


exgange pinterest boards heath niche


Can you exchange , i am interested !


I’m new here, but I will be grateful if you Can invite me too in some boards???


Sorry, that Pinterest Invite thread is closed long time ago. I don’t have that many boards now.


Are you still interested in board exchange?


Hello! I am interested in boards exchange.
What do I have to do?
I am in handmade dolls niche and interested in boards about kids, gifts, etsy, pin market, nursery decor, DIY etc.


I want to buy board invites for health & wellness niche. 1$ per invite. PM me for details


I am interested in Pinterest board exchange. I am in the fitness and health niche


This is too cool. If anyone wants to follow me mine is @zenmagafrica. Ready to follow back asap :slightly_smiling_face:


Bump! If anyone wants boards exchange please message me.


I’m interested in board exchange. My id is @CatStyleStore


Looking for invites to Food/Healthy Eating niche or closely related niches.

Will pay for invites. Also willing to pay with hand grown insta accounts in the travel niche (up to 10,000 followers).

I do not spam, I have a paid blogger who creates content for me - my pins will be valuable to any board in related niche.


Hi,Are you still looking for group board invites?


Hey guys!

Is anyone looking for some board invites? I could use some. If there are any I would like to talk to someone to get an invite to some boards.

Unfortunately, I can’t send pms because I am new.


Hello would you like to exchange some boards with me i have around 30k followers. My niche is health, fitness, and weight loss.