Pinterest Exchange Boards

If anyone wants to exchange boards in Health, Food or Fitness niche, PM me.


I invited some of the users to a lot of Pinterest group boards, let’s see if they’re going to check this thread and share some love


There are others too, there are those who missed it too, but there you go now, you have nice opportunity to get some invites, you can all exchange boards here. Cmon guys and girls, time to give back to community :slight_smile:


Thanks for the invites Adnan :slight_smile:

Thanks for the invites Adnan. The group board really benefited me. I made €700 last month in adsense alone. My account is just 2 months old.


Hi Adnan, thanks for the invites, still owe you a drink :slight_smile:

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Hi guys, thanks for the invites :slight_smile:

Hi, my email is (admin edit- don’t add emails publicly, they can pm you if they want to contact you ) for everyone who like to exchange white boards place contact me.

Moved to existing thread on Pinterest Group board exchange.

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@Adnan Do you still make invitations? :slight_smile:

No, I don’t. Giveaway is done, I can’t risk my account anymore. Sorry.

Hi guys,
If anyone interested to exchange boards, PM me. My niche is Health and Food.
I have more than 100.

@Adnan Ok, tnx :slight_smile:

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Hi Guys,

My niche is art. Pm if you want access to some of those boards.
I am looking into food/recipes, as a new niche.

my niche is yoga, pm if you want access to some of those boards,

My niche is Health and Food. If you don’t mind, I would like to join some of your boards :slight_smile: maybe I can post Yoga sometimes. If you want, I can also add you in some health and/or food boards. Please send me you profile URL.

Can you invite me in some boards???

Hi guys,

My primary niche is fashion and clothing along with some health and fitness boards. I am looking to get access to food/recipes boards as well as any other niches that are not fashion related. PM if you are interested in an exchange.

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I want to start to promote one website about fitness and health. Who can help me with some invites on niche related board?
How do you get invited to boards?

Thank you

Hi, looking for men fashion related boards,

Hi anywhan interested in Health niche boards exchange?