Pinterest follow settings/sources that doesn't suck?


I’m really baffled by Pinterest lately, ever since they made some big changes… I can’t seem to get any growth anymore on any of my Pinterest accounts. Maybe cause Pinterest started flooded notifications with stuff nobody cares about, so people often miss those who had followed them.

What used to work for me and doesn’t anymore:
Let’s say I’m in the cat niche, I place like 5-10 highly targeted boards around cats to follow users from. Different board topics around that niche so I could split test and see what returns the most followbacks.

I sometimes do the same with users that are in the niche.

I don’t bother following keywords anymore as it brings a lower followback ratio in general.

It used to work great, I often got 50-100 followers a day on average, but not anymore. Nowadays I often get negative numbers, even though I’m following hundreds a day. So maybe one of you Pinterest masters could enlighten me on what am I doing wrong, or what am I not doing right? :slight_smile:



I have the same problems. I even followed @Adnan advice to follow female names.

But I haven’t seen any differences… I used Pinterest months ago without mass planner and I had much higher follow-back-ratios (10-20%).


Very interesting, glad to hear I’m not the only one experiencing it though I’m sure there are countless others who do.

I have a few accounts that has thousands of followers but stopped growing, and I just can’t seem to grow new accounts… The followback ratio I get is now similar to Tumblr and that says a lot! :smile:


I did some experimenting with another bot and i found it i followed one person every 15 seconds, i was never banned. i would extract certain accounts and just let it go.

I havent figured how to do this with that level of accuracy