PINTEREST followers growth totally stuck since 1 week

since about 1 week I’m not able to grow my followers anymore. Previously, I was able to get about 70 new followers a day. “panetteria Clemente” is my last follower since long time: this is weird. Anyone has the same problem?

this is my profile


Try changing your sources if you’re doing follow/unfollow maybe they’re run out of people to follow. Also we’d need more details what you’re doing, any errors?

Does your follow tool work properly? Check that, go to Follow results and check when you followed first user on the list. Then click on browse next to it to see have you really followed it.

If you haven’t followed anyone for a long time and you’re using same sources for a long time, try increasing “Scroll the search page for X” seconds for 2X or as @Johnny said, change sources.

Sorry for the late answer, I was out of town for a while.

Thanks to @Johnny and @Adnan for your support: I just modify my setting under your suggestion, crossing fingers!

Don’t be surprised if you see some weird data in your stats. Pinterest changed a lot of things lately, some users (including me) lost 100s or 1000s of followers on their accounts. We still have no idea what’s going on, but it looks like Pinterest cleaned up their platform from spammers :slight_smile: luckily my accounts are still alive.

I see. I lost 1000 followers as well. Keep in touch for any news :slight_smile:

A little upgrade: this morning I woke up with 210 new followers… seems to ride a switchback :joy:

I think they have spring cleaning so it took some time to update the amounts of followers on each acc

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