Pinterest Following More Users With Low Follow Limits

I have been using Pinterest for a few years without any issues, but as of lately it is not not staying within my follow limits.

I will set the account to follow 300 max and it will follow 1,000+ people

This has gotten a few accounts banned.

Does anyone else have this issue?

Does anyone know how to get suspended Pinterest accounts back as this has caused me to lose a few accounts


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I am not sure if it is possible to get banned Pinterest accounts back, but you can try appealing a couple of times and see if they will respond positively.

As for the follow tool, I’d suggest you “reset” your settings, as in remove the accounts and set them afresh. I hope that helps.

I have tried resetting the accounts, but still have the same issues.

I set Pinterest to follow 300 per day, but my accounts follow 1,000+ a day.

This has caused 3 accounts to be suspended.

i reached out to support and could not help me.

Does anyone else experience this?

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YES! We don’t have many PI accounts but I noticed this today. Set for 350 follows and it did 595. It also has the green check saying it hit the limit - but the limit is 350.

Can we get some help with this issue as it happened to another account and this time it got suspended from pinterest.

It followed 1,300 people, but i is set to only follow 300 a day.

Please Help Us!

@bosmolskate I sent support an email - did you? Hopefully they will take a look. I dropped ours to 150 total and it did 300.

Why do you need followers?

I have sent them multiple support tickets and they keep sending the logs to their developers, but cannot find a solution for this issue.

Hopefully they can resolve it sooner than later.

I am trying to grow my accounts and clients accounts as they want more visibility on Pinterest

Just checked in today and one account is set for 180 follows and it did 1100. :persevere::persevere:

I sent support an email about 36 hours ago but no reply - just resent it to follow up.

Be careful this caused a few of my accounts to get suspended.

i have contact support multiple times and they keep giving me the run around saying it must be a fluke, but it has happened 20+ times on different accounts.

Yea I shut the account off - they are going to jump on my VPS in the next few hours.

They did the same and could not find an answer.

Please let me know what happens when you check

Oh great

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Is this happening to all of your accounts or just a select few?

You mean on JV?

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Hey - so support wrote back and asked us to check the actual results within the follow tool. On 12/2 the statistics say we did 1050 follows - but the results list only shows 100.

On 12/3 it says 650 but results say 99.

Looks like the number is off and it is not in fact doing more follows.

Take a look and LMK what you see?

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