Pinterest following setting

I have 30 pinterest account, but some accoount have very slow following.
All accounts have same setting
but some follow 300 on one day another only 20 people on one day. what can i do all my accounts follow 700 on one day

i have similar problem with twitter following, only IG working perfekt

It also doesn’t work perfectly on IG.

Check if you encounter the follow sources problem thingy. I’m not too sure though since I haven’t used MP on Pinterest before.

Do you use same sources on all your accounts and do you have option to follow different users across all Pinterest and Twitter accounts in Mass Planner checked?

i follow different users across all accounts, but the same keywords, but in pinterest food and recipes are soo many do you think this is the problem same keywords

I think the problem is you’re using same keywords and following different users. You have scroll time set to 90 seconds. Mass Planner will scroll 90 seconds and search for users, if there’s no many new users found after scrolling, you could experience this.

What you can do:

  • Use different keywords
  • Increase scroll the search page even more - but this is temporary solution since in some time, same thing will happen.

if i have 5 keywords for every one of them will massplanner search for follow if not follow for previous keyword.
For many accounts, what is better choice 1-2 different keywords or 5-10 different keywords

More keywords as sources you have, more users Mass Planner will be able to find and follow - simple as that.

after pinterest disable 90 % of my accounts. Some accounts still follow 30 people for 24 h
:slight_smile: some 300 people for 24h with same setting
scrooll page is 180 sec
i have may be 5 -6 live account now.

Weird. Pinterest did have done cleanup, but I haven’t lost single account. I lost 100s and 1000s of followers (probably fake profiles that got banned) on some accounts, but my accounts are all alive and well.

Have you tried changing sources? Could you post your keywords here, it’s not like it’s going to do you any harm :smiley: looks like they do not work well anyway :slight_smile:

EDIT: Oh, yeah, I got my domain blocked on Pinterest, which is worse :slight_smile: