Pinterest "Ghosted Accounts"

How to recognize that your account is ghosted ?
Today I’ve noticed that my last two pins didn’t show the numbers of repins. That is sign that my account is ghosted ?
How to prevent this ?

Sorry for my english :frowning:

Maybe nobody saw them/repinned them… It’s just 2 pins, we can’t make any assumptions, keep pinning for a day or two and see will you get any engagement.

No no, only on my main account where I upload pins.
On the other accounts everything is ok.

I guess I will make new main account :confused:

Other pins in my main account have the real numbers of repins , only the last two pins have 1 repin.

Don’t jump to conclusions. Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, IG… They all have their own glitches.

I saw Twitter not showing number of followers, or number of followings, I saw a lot of bugs on Facebook, so it doesn’t have to mean anything, wait for couple of days, keep using your account as you normally do. See what happens.

OKs, thanks for informations :smiley:

This is why I shudder everytime someone does the “ghosted mention”, everyone panics for no reason. It’s the hot topic right now, just like proxies were a month ago.