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I’m newbie in Pinterest. I want to start earning money on Pinterest, but I need some advice. In fiverr there are a lot of ad about boards invite, that I think I can earn some money. Moreover I want to earn money in marketing affiliate such as Amazon or Clickbank I have read that Pinterest sometimes banned such offers. What do you think about marketing affiliate ? That is good way to earn some money or any another way ?

How do you recommend bulid boards make one account or a few account and growth boards ?

Thank you for all help and suggestions.

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Pinterest banned affiliate links couple of years ago, but they allowed them again last year I think. Anyway, you should still have a website where you’ll point your visitors to, maybe product review website with buy now link (your aff link).

Affiliate marketing is still and will always be a good way to earn money online.

Regarding growing your accounts/boards… Start with one, see what works for you, then create couple of more accounts (use proxies if you’re going to create more than 3 on 1 IP) and replicate what you did with first account.


Do you think that I can use preloader will be good way to earn money in affiliate marketing ?

Do you mean prelander page or something else?

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You’re right. I was wrong when I wrote

What is prelander?

The page that leads to your landing page :slight_smile:

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Hey Adnan, I know you are somewhere around here so i am jist gonna ask, are you still offering some group board invites? Cause a girl could really need some help up in here!