Pinterest help for wedding photographer

I am a wedding photographer looking for the optimum strategy to market my business.

I was wondering if someone can’t point me in the right direction for marketing a small local business like wedding photography.

First I built a business page and was just doing follow/unfollow but the. I started thinking about creating multiple accounts and repinning my photos from the business account to those accounts. The main goal is to drive local traffic to my site.

Any ideas?


Have you tried searching the forum (Pinterest category) for relevant topics? I’m pretty sure there’s a lot of good ones there, you can opt for that while waiting for what others have to say.

It’s not that simple to target people by their location.

What I would do in this case is search for local business on google, find their website, then check if they have Pinterest profiles. If they do, then get their usernames and follow their followers.

Setting up more accounts would also be good idea:

  • You should have one main business account that will follow/unfollow followers of business profiles in your region and pin your images from your website.
  • Other profiles that you’ll make should be real looking personal profiles, repin your pins and also follow followers of business profiles in your location.

Also, if you already have decent number of followers on Pinterest, setting up group board and inviting other businesses in your niche (located worldwide) to pin there. This way your group board will get more exposure, their followers will also be able to see it. If you do this, make sure you don’t invite direct competition (businesses in your region) to pin there.

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Hey! This is perfect!

So what I got from this was set up a business page(which I already have) set that page to follow/unfollow followers of local business. Or even local businesses that are in my niche like wedding venues, wedding dress shops, or even competition.

Then create a network of personal Pinterest accounts, maybe like 10?

Make those accounts to look real with personalized bios and all of that. Set those accounts to also follow/unfollow followers of niche accounts.

Create boards on those accounts within my niche like “wedding dresses”, “wedding ideas”, “wedding hair”, “wedding photography” and set those accounts to auto pin onto those boards from other niche boards including photos from my own business profile.

Does this sound right?


Yes, that’s exactly what I thought.

However, the network of your personal Pinterest accounts will have to look natural. You’ll have to add some more boards (different niches: food, travel etc), and you’ll have to repin pins of other users there in order to hide your real activity.

Otherwise, you could end up losing the accounts pretty fast.

Yes, local businesses, you want to reach local people right? Of course, include followers of your competition too.

If you read this whole thread, you’ll get the idea how it should be set up.

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I’ll definitely check that out today!

Also one more question, do you know of a resource to find the current Pinterest limits?

Thanks so much for your help!!

These are the settings that I’m currently using. If you check, you’ll see there’s “Increase for 20 each day until it reaches 1000 max Follow per day”. When i was starting (brand new accounts) I used 300-400 per day max and increasing for 20 each day. You can use similar settings for Unfollow tool.

Don’t forget to add night mode for your accounts. Couple of hours when they won’t execute any operations.

Hey! Thank you so much!!

Sorry for all the questions! I just have tep more!

Do you have any tips for creating a ton of email addresses? I’ve made a ton of fake names using fake name generator and then I was going to build all of the email accounts manually. But what do I do about phone verification?

Also will I need to buy proxies for this? Sorry for the noob stuff, I’m trying to learn as much as I can about this stuff!

Thanks so much!

This is the trick I use for my “bot accounts”

Of course, you’ll need proxies, use 3 accounts per proxy.

Here are Mass Planner’s recommended proxies:


Thanks again for all the info. If you don’t mind I have another couple simple questions, I’ve tried searching but I can’t find anything.

I’ve gotten 10 proxies set up and just about to start account creation.

Do I need to create the emails addresses with the same proxie as the Pinterest accounts?

Also what is the best way to set up the account using the proxy? Can it be done via MP or is there another way?

Thanks! And sorry for all the noob questions!!

You don’t really need to create email on proxy, but when you create account and get confirmation email from Pinterest, make sure you copy the confirmation URL (button URL from email) and paste it in Embedded browser that uses proxy used for account creation :smiley:

Regarding account creation, I see you’re a little bit lazy when it comes to searching for answers on forum so here you go:
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