Pinterest: How to define 'Most Recent Followers'?

You have the option to follow the most recent followers, but how do you define ‘most recent followers’?

If you set it to Follow the most recent 50 followers, Mass Planner will only follow the first 50 followers in the list of followers that target Pinterest account is showing.

Thanks, but the next day, when the account gets 30 new followers. Does it only follow the 30 first or does the tool “jump” down and looks for other followers?

It will only follow the 30 new followers, it won’t jump.

So if I input the command to follow the latest 100 people, and the next day another 100 follow that page, does that mean that i’m going to follow 200 from that page?

Or will MP stop following, once the original latest followers (meaning the 100 most recent, at the time the command was given) are followed?

EDIT: talking about IG though, so it might be wrong thread.