[PINTEREST] How to get more views

hi guys, i’ve read different tutorials and also @Adnan tutorial, so i’m testing pinterest and in less than 1 year i did 11k followers on my main profiles, but there is something that i cannot understand…for this i’ve done a form with all my question that i think could be usefull to a lot of people

  1. how to get more views on a pin? ( the method )

  2. how get my pins go popular?

  3. for now i just repost pin on my main account and repost all board with other 6 accounts ( account bot) this could be a good method for get views?

  4. i need to repost entire board ( of my main account ) or just the same 2-3 pin that i want to go viral?

thank you in advance for any help

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Hi. What content are you focusing on?

Fitness and fashion

How many re-pins you are doing per account and per board?