Pinterest - How to lose 5000 Followers in one Day


Yeah… what the fu*k happened?

I changed the follow source like @Adnan suggested in this thread:

I guess Pinterest had a problem with that… Any ideas what happened? I also changed the settings of Mass Planner Pinterest to only follow unique Followers!


I have lose 1000 follower Today !!!


Hahahah :sweat_smile:

Looks like Pinterest purged a lot of spam accounts. No reason to be sad. :grin:


If it’s going to make you all feel better, here’s what happened to my accounts.
I can’t believe I had more than 50% of fake accounts as followers on some of my accounts. After all, maybe it’s a good thing.


I posted this earlier but same thing happened to me, they must be doing some cleaning up


they surely cleaned up my accounts
Lost around 40 accounts


Hello everybody
I have a big problem today,
I programmed Massplanner on my Pinterest account, I’ve earned nearly 1000 followerx in a few days, then it stagnated and today I lost more than 800 followers at once!
What is going on ?
If anyone knew what it was?
Thank you


Nothing to worry about. Pinterest has purged a lot of spam accounts, therefore all of us lost followers. I got a unusual high amount of new followers today. I guess however lost his accounts made hundreds of new spam accounts. :grimacing:


can be but also when you will think this now you have 2k followers as i have learned that your pins will not show on all yours followers dashboard so lets say half of the fake followers “saw” your post and half of the real followers saw the post.
Now when will have only real followers you get bigger exposure = more followers. Did your traffic changed too?


What’s your software name? Bro