Pinterest - Invalid credentials

Hey all

Got some pinterest accounts disabled - invalid credentials. I suppose because I pinned the same link (amazon affiliate) on different accounts - can this be the reason for the ban?

When you login through EB, do you get the Account Suspended message from Pinterest?

EB? What is EB?

I believe Pinterest is not allowing direct affiliate links… Especially Amazon due to potential product spamming, so yes there’s a good chance you did get banned.

Embedded Browser in Mass Planner. I assume you’re using them in Mass Planner, right? Then check through the browser are your accounts indeed banned. When you try to login, you’ll see Account Suspended message if account is indeed suspended.

At some point they weren’t allowing affiliate links, but they allowed it again sometimes last year.

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When I click EB I get the normal log in page where I have to put in email and password. When I do so and click continue - nothing happens

Try logging in through external browser (chrome, firefox) to one of those accounts, just to check what’s going to happen.

Worked now - yes it says it is suspended

OK. Not good to hear that :slight_smile:

To avoid this in the future, don’t pin only your affiliate links. Pin other stuff too. Make your account look real. Repin pins of other users more than your own pins. Something like 80-20 or 70-30 (other pins - your pins).

Use Like tool too to mix your actions and add some night mode to your accounts.

That’s good news then, but there’s still a chance he got banned for posting amazon aff links. :slight_smile:

If that’s the only thing he could think of that might triggered the ban hammer.

I warmed them up:

Day1: Adding profile image and one board.
Day 2: nothing
Day 3: Added another board and started repinning 3 - 8 (random) from category
Day 4: like day 3
Day 5: like day 3
Day 6: started campaign where I pinned images with shortened Amazon affiliate links. 90 posts per day to 20 pinterest accounts
Day 7: started following friends of board (random sleeptime 20 -30) Each account follows different board.
Day 8: increased by 20
Day 9: 7 out of 20 suspended

Is maybe the 90 pins too much

Each account pinned 90 pins??? Of course it’s too much. Especially if you pin same thing over and over again.

okay set it to 20 thx

Did you have some solutions?

I also suffer from you