Pinterest Low Engagement Normal?

The number of monthly visitors my account gets is growing steadily, but the engagement is not growing. Is this normal? How are your stats looking? Any ideas how to improve the engagement?


@ergoprime I didn’t play pinterest at all, but i think you have tried to post more great content than a simple one, like other social media, content is the king.

Anyone else ideas? @DaveNL @vegapunk @Adnan

What exactly are you considering as engagement? And what Pinterest considers as engagement now? They removed Like button, so I guess commenting and “Tried it” button are counted as engagement now…

People never tend to comment that much there, it was always abut repinning - even if they liked the post they rather repinned it than liked it (while the button was available).

Are clicks counted as engagement? That’s all I care about, clicking and getting them to my website.

How much traffic do you get?

I have a CTR of 0.06%, so not very much.

Looks like your pins are weak,looks like people are just not interested in what you pin… If you get the views but you don’t get the clicks something is wrong with your content or targeting.

What is your CTR? Any recommendations how to improve it?

The only thing I can think of for improving engagement is making use of the “tried it” button, I’m hoping to get a bunch of accounts clicking “tried it” on pins from my main account. The only problem with the "tried it"button is you can only click it once per account per pin & you need to write a unique description

I did a small test a clicked tried it on a few of min pins and when I look at my source on pinterest (, i’m seeing these pins pop up every day. I think having the tried it button clicked allows pinterst to show your pins to more people

i think the next step would be to study the effects of the tried it button when its clicked immediately after pinning, a couple of hours after and a few days after to see if the effects are the same.

One of my problems with pinterest is you need a lot of unique images. I’ve been uploading the same pictures over and over with no problems, but I think this lowers the chances of other people seeing your pins. I haven’t tried it, but im sure posting unique pictures everyday gets more views and more engagement

Basically i think we need to find a way to take advantage of the tried it button and some way to consistently post unique content

What’s you niche? How your pins look like?

I’ll show you example of my pin that went viral and brought me 10s of thousands of visits.

Here is an example of my posts. I am in the health and fitness niche.

It doesn’t look bad at all, I guess not a lot of people are running today :smiley:

Well… I posted dozen of different images with other topics, but the outcome was the same. Some thousand views and a dozen clicks.

when you say views do you mean views on pinterest without people visiting your site? if so how are you tracking this?

The account where you pin your posts has to be a business account. Click on analytics in the upper left corner of the screen and then click on “website”. You will see your most popular pins in the last 30 days, how many views they got from pinterest, how many click and repins.